Friday, January 23, 2015

India Ready to Host US Forces

Govt Plans to Host US Forces in Indian Bases

The  BJP Government plans to allow the US Forces to use Indian military Bases and allows them to carryout Operations against Bakistan and China. The Telegraphic India Reported

The Indian Government agrees to co-operate with the US military to use Indian bases for the coming next eleven years. This includes docking warships in Indian ports and using Air force bases also participating joint operations in overseas countries. This clearly indicates India plans to tackle both China and Bakistan with the support of America.

The Indian defence officials already asked the Americans which benefits we are going to gather if we host your Fighters and Warships. In reply American provide the LSA ( Logistics and Support Agreement ) to mentioned Indian officials. There were several other problems too hide beside the Agreement. if we agree the US plans does it affect our Economy can it shake our Fundamental interests.

The US official said “People have long looked at this relationship (India-US) and seen the fundamentals in place for a really, really close partnership, and yet it’s been a challenge in translating that into outcomes,” Official Named Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser in the White House’s National Security Council.

The Government also asked about these co operations with military officials and Think Tanks specially the Chief's of Navy, Army, and Air Force. the conclusion can come after their suggestion a defence official told. The main strategic goals and plans are Hosting, Docking and Replenish the US warships in selected Ports, allowing the US Fighters Spy Planes and UAV's to carryout missions in neighbor countries and share the Intel with Indian Officials. and carry out operation in other countries with US Soldiers and forces.

The Above clearly indicates Indian long time goal of sacking Bakistani nuclear warheads and take out terrorists like Lakwi, Dawood Ibrahim and Hafeez Syed for the Bakistan safe house.

Israel once comes with a Plan to Destroy or capture Bakistani Nuclear assets and making Bakistan as a Nuclear free state. to Implement the plan Israel asks the Indian Prime Minister to allow the Indian Bases to Host Israeli Fighter Jets and commando forces. but PM declined the Israeli Proposal.

By increasing threats of Bakistani Nuclear warhead may be the Taliban’s or some other Terrorists can Steal the Warheads and carry out strike against the west, Israel and Bakistan. the multinational team set up a Quick Reaction force in Israeli city Tel Aviv. can intercept any kind of illegal activity in Bakistani Nuclear bases

Another one time a Indian special forces get rid to nab Dawood from Islamabad, but the Mission called off at the last minute. and Dawood escaped from Islamabad and hide far west Bakistan.

So now new Indian Government has the Plans to Accomplish the Above two goals. they can ask US support for stop the Bakistan and China for escalating further.

Not only the threat of Bakistan. India also watching increase movements of China. The US can also help to tackle Chinese advancement.

Previously the Indian government allowed the American US 2 Spy plane to operate from Arunachal Bases to carryout reconnaissance mission over china. also allowed to setup Monitoring device in Himalaya mountains to watch Chinese Nuclear program.

Currently India have Overseas bases in Tajikistan , The IAF Setup-ed a Airfeild to operate MiG 29 from Farkhoor Airbase to over watch Bakistan

The Army have Bases in Bhutan and Starts Deploying Forces in Afghanistan from 2012

The Navy bases in Madagascor to monitor activities along IOR (Indian Ocean region). and also have a Naval Air base in Oman to over watch Bakistan.

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