Friday, January 16, 2015

Made In Japan The US 2i

Shinmayawa US 2i 

        Re establishing the Relation with Japan from Indian  Side and Easing Export of Military Products from Japanese end. Both of them Mutually Agreed to Step in closer to counter the Common Enemy the Communist China . The China is same rival to India by trying to occupy Indian Lands in Arunachal and Ladakh Region same goes for Japanese for the Senaku Diayou Island Chain. India and Japan Pulled some Defence Agreements to Jointly Thwart Chinese Shameless Occupation in Indian Ocean and Asian Continent .By Improving Ties with India. Japan agreed to sell it's Famous Amphibious Aircraft US 2i. While Buying some Two of them Directly from the Shinmayawa Corporation other numbers may be some Fifteen Plus will be Manufactured under Make in India Plan. Lets Check out the Capabilities of US 2i. 

        The Indian Navy's Amphibious Capability fulfilled by Variety of Landing Crafts those are House only Small Numbers of Troops and Armor unlike the US Amphibious Capability fulfilled by LHD's and LPD's each housing some three thousand troops and Tanks. The Indian Navy also a Requirements of  such Landing Helicopter Dock or Landing Platform Dock. The US have it's own Naval Battle Troops Known as the Famous UN Marines .For India We have also such Troops the Naval Regiments Just Like How the Indian Army have. There's no Clear Numbers but It could be some Thirty to Fifty Thousand Naval Troops operated under Indian Navy for Amphibious Operations. 

            By Coming to the US 2 . The US 2 is the Short Take Off and Landing Aircraft can Land in the water. But Important Aspects are It's Take of is Just impressive It's need just a 300 Meters of waters .Other wise While it carrying it's full combat load some 43 Tons It's need some 300 Meters of water way only. It's commonly best for Sudden Take off for Quick Reaction for Both Humanitarian and Military Operations. same for Landing Normally it's need some 400 meters But Landing with Full combat Load some  42 Tons It's need some 350 Meters .Just Like Infiltrating the Enemy port by a US 2 need just a 300 meters same for Evacuation also needs some 300 meters . The US 2 also Take off and Land on the Earth by how other Passenger Planes.

same for Military Operation ©ShinMayawa

The Aircraft can Land and Take off on the Sea's even at some three meters Height Huge waves a Really impressive capability from the  US 2 which is not unique one compared to other Amphibious Aircraft like Be 200. the US 2 also having such slow cruising Speed that is some 90 kilo meters per Hour .this one for Very needful Humanitarian Operations Search and Rescue Operations Need Birds like Slow Flying Aircraft to observe the Stranded Humans over the sea. The US 2 can fly at the Speed of some 550 km/hr while Normal Cruise speed is Nearly 450 km/hr. while It's Range Nearly a Magnificent 4500 kilo meters .That's some round Trips towards Andaman and Chennai by two Times . The Andaman and Chennai distance less than 1500 Kilometers. So it can go on Andaman and Prepare the Mission and get back to Chennai without the Need of Refuel.

    The US 2 might be used by the Indian Navy for mostly Search and Rescue Operations only But By operating by a Defence Firm The Navy put's it own FoF ( Friend or Foe ) System and some other IFF transponders along with variety of defensive suits. which is not available for Public Releases. The US 2 can be configured as a Passenger Plane might used for Evacuation and Dropping Soldiers across the designated Area. by Comparing other Amphibious Planes US 2 holds the First Place. 

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