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Naval LCA

Naval LCA

The Two Seat Trainer

         The Indian Navy Fully Satisfied the Naval Tejas which would be Operated from Both of their Future Carriers and Shore based Facilities. While Air force still insisting about Tejas It having problem unlike Naval Version it's same but some Minor Modifications which suits Better for Naval Operation while Mig 29K is the Superior Platform having 7 Points where Naval Operated F 18 is the Top of the List .Meanwhile Air Force Variant The F 22 alone Deserves Ten Points while Air Force Variant of Tejas gets only 2 or 3 Points. Other case in the Naval Category Tejas Gets some 5 Points while adding some Anti Shipping Profiles which Leads or share the same as MiG 29K.

Tejas Over SBTF with zero Payload
          The Birth of the First Naval Prototype is the Two Seat Trainer Version later they Build the Clear Naval Tejas who shows It's real Performance in Shore Based Testing Facility. Recently ADA Tested it with Zero Payload and It's clearly Stating they slowly stepping into the Progress and Expected the Tejas will operated from the IAC 1 Vikranth Aircraft Carrier which is currently in Construction at Cochin Shipyard expected to be Operationally Deployed by 2017 or Before. The Tejas having some Impressive Defensive Suites which can easily out perform Mig 29 and the Chinese Su 33 Clone I sure. the Su 33 can't even Try to meet the LCA Navy in future Warfare. 

              Lets Have to see How other Countries Operating with their Aircraft Carriers .The US alone have the Mulitiple Operating Capablities from Carrier Based CAP , Anti Shipping and even CAS for Ground Troops.Thanks to it's dedicated AAW (Anti- Air Warfare)  Destroyers. the same goes for all others. A single US Navy's Carrier Battle/Strike Group is enough to face any other Countries Whole Navy. Lest the same If we consider Our Coast Guard is Bigger the Entire Bakistani Navy. Also all of the or Most of the Time the US Navy always assembled their Carriers with Strike Groups even for their Marine Corps they Use SAN Antonio Class LHD's which have equal Displacement to our Aircraft Carier Vikramaditya R 33 tonnage about 45 000.

                By Coming Russia Their Options are different They gone for Defensive means they use their Carrier Battle Group for Defending their Fleet from  US Navy Flights. They always use their naval Bombers to Support their Fleet to Protect from Enemy Fighters and Ships .Which Means a pair of Tu 22 M can fire some eight Low Flying Anti Shipping cruise Missiles launching at safe distance of some 1000 Kilometers away from the Target which is safer to Operate and defend their Interests . In all such game the Fighters would not expose the Aircraft Carriers Exact Location . For Both CAP and Bombing

         For United Kingdom, they and we share same interest by using the Carrier Battle Group for Both CAP and SEAD/DEAD Mission, Limited CAS to the Troops in Shores and Decent AShM Capability

The Role Here it's performed by the Indian Carrier 

For CAP ( Combat Air Patrol )

            The LCA can house two  pair of Israeli made Python Heat Seeking and Derby WVR  Missiles. or some Four Long Range Astra BVR having some 80 Kilometers Range along with decent Jamming and Defensive Suites the Tejas can Perform decent CAP over the Carrier battle Group for Some 400 Kilometer Circle and Flying over 2 hours Continuously along with the Support of one or Two Ka 27 Early warning Helicopters. Only It's need a Buddy Refuel from an MiG 29 K which can refuel the LCA's once Take off from the Carrier some 8 of the LCA Need 2 MiG 29 K Refueler to Complete the Task.

For SEAD/DEAD ( Suppression/Destroy Enemy Air Defence )

           Simply at now the Tejas didn't host any Anti Radiation Missile's to Destroy Enemy Radar Sites. But some two pair of Mig 29 K can do this easily by Flying very Low Altitude and Firing the Kh 58 Anti Radiation Missiles. By Carrying Two Kh 58 along with two IR or WVR missiles .the Configuration sits best for Taking out the Enemy Coastal Defence Radar Networks and Be sure It's not go deeply into enemy Territory

For CAS ( Close Air Support )

Typical Schema of LCA Weapon Payload

          The LCA and the Mig 29 can provide Limited Close Air Support to the Insertion team. If Indian Navy Plans to send a Battalion of Marine Troops into some Enemy Territories If they need to Neutralize the Enemy Columns the LCA or the Mig 29 can do it to advance our Troops into Enemy Territory.This one can be Achieved by Variety of our Air Brigades from Indian Navy ranging from Tu 142 to LCA . the LCA can equipped with some Three MBDA Spear on it's Both wings or Some three GBU in both Wings the Spear is a Guided Missile and the GBU is the Guided Bomb unit 

For AShM ( Anti Shipping Missile )

          The Primary objective of the Carrier Air wing is Destruction of Enemy ships from Stand Off Target.This one can be easily achieved by old Exocet Missiles to Newer Generation Harpoon Missiles Both of the LCA and MiG 29 K can carry some two of them along with AA Missiles.

Thus Proves it's Ultimate Support in Naval Air Role. and that's why Navy wants the Tejas

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