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Naval Utility Helicopter

Naval Utility Helicopter

Airbus Panther in Rescue © Airbus Military

                 The Indian Navy Floats a Tender to acquire some Hundred plus Utility Helicopters under Make in  India Program.which means the supplier should Team up with any of the Indian Company  and Make it in India with some 50% of Indian Product within the Product. Here It's previously floated to buy Some Fifty numbers from abroad .But Ne PM campaign ruled and Expand the Purchase with at least some Hundred may be with follow on orders.

                      Yet again the Europeans Only have such decent Platform which suits Indian Navy Needs .the RFP for Everyone But It meets only two Helicopters The Italian Finmecania Company's Agusta Westland A 109 Platform and the French owned Airbus Helicopters AS 565 Panther Helicopter .while both of them having decent Quality and Better Performance in way of Naval Utility Helicopter were most countries Operating it 

Airbus Panther with MK46 Torpedo © Airbus Military

          While coming to the RFP Floated by MoD Some serious Negotiations which most Companies didn't accept

The Important Parameters

Helicopter Should involve Day Night Operations Includes

(a) Search and Rescue.
(b) Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC)
(c) Communication Duties.
(d) Anti-Piracy and Anti - terrorism (e) Humani tarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR).
(f) Limited Maritime Reconnaissance and Targeting

A 109 Showing Stretchers © finmeccania 

The Helicopter Should Have Wheels and Folded Blades , Can be Operated from Shore and Sea Based Platforms.and It should have Twin Engines

But Indian Navy's Master piece Come though Through The Armaments

(a) What is the recommended weapon package for the helicopter in Anti Piracy role, limited maritime surveillance and Targeting roles?

(b) Is helicopter capable of carrying torpedo and Depth Charges?

(c) Can the short range Anti Ship Missile (AShM) becarried and fired from helicopter?

(d) Can the helicopter be fitted with cabin guns and operated by the pilot/Aircrew Diver from the helicopter?

(e) Does the helicopter have Armor Protection capability?

(f) Does the helicopter have Weapon Management System?

(g) What is the HUD based sighting system on helicopter? Does it also have a standby fixed sight?

(h) Can the helicopter be fitted with Sniper Support kit?Provide details.

(j) What effort and time is required for changing/equipping the helicopter to a specific armament variant?

wide range of weapon Package in A 109 © finmeccania

      When a wild search of those Requirements hardly found only those two Helicopters can do all the Above The Italian AW 109 and the French Panther

 Lets Checkout Their Performance Comparison

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