Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pictures CharlieHebdo

Pictures CharlieHebdo   


           Some two gunman attacked the Carlie Hebdo Magazine HQ in Paris .resulted Killing of it's Famous Journalists and Two Policeman and others total of 12 Lives Lost. They shouted Allah o Akbar and Fired their Assault Rifles.and Said Prophet Avenged .then Fled into a Car a third Person drive the car .as of Three Terrorists Involved.

         There were Possibilities of Al qaida connection involved this Attacks .but not yet Confirmed .ome Reports said Terrorists have RPG's but that didn't confirmed but in video  they armed with AK 47 Variant AK 103 .Later they abandoned the Car which used to escape from the Scene. French forces Retrieved it .Meanwhile French Special Team Identified the Terrorists who are involved in this attack include a Teen . French forces stormed a Building apparently  used by the terrorists .

Photos Collected from various Sources

Video Link from Live Leak (NFSW) , From You Tube Shouting Allah O Akbar
Terrorists Firing Towards a Cop

The Car used by Terrorists
French President Hollande on the Shooting place

Rally en Support to Charlie Hebdo

Soldiers Redeployed in Paris

Police Taking Position where terrorist used to hide

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