Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Russia to Arm Cameroon to Fight against Boko Haram

      Russia to Arm Cameroon to Fight against Boko Haram

D 60 Howitzer

         The Cameroon is already geraed up it's Soldiers to fight against the Boko Haram Militants who repeatedly fighting alongside the Cameroon border area's. they already attacked the birder area's of Niger Nigeria CHAD. But no one take tough measures to deal with Boko Haram. But Cameroon only have decent Forces to take out those Terrorists. The Boko Haram already voiced about Expanding the Islamic Caliphate in Africa and Gained control over some Nigerian provenance. Recently The Cameroon Air Force Strikes the Boko Haram with it's Alpha Light Attack/trainer and scored some Hunderd Enemy Kills.   

         Thus Boko Haram retaliated with continue Assaulting Cameroon Villages near to the Nigerian Border. Two days ago the Boko Haram Kidnapped some 80  Cameroon Civilians near to the Nigerian Border. and the Cameroon Geared up it's forces and in the same day they freed some 40. Search and Rescue mission still going on. While both European and Americans are busy with dealing against the ISIS Threat in Iraq and Syrian Province  they didn't take care about the Poor Africans

By Coming to the Cameroon Army .They have only some 25,000 Numbers of Active Military Personnel and Equipped with Russian Fire Arms the Legendary AK 47 Series. and Some Mounted Guns only. but lacks of Proper Armoured Vehicles and Support Vehicles. But The Chinese Military Provide some undisclosed Numbers of PTL 02 Tank Destroyers .Which is Commonly known as ( Infantry Fighting Vehicles ) IFV. They taken delivery of those systems last June and Paraded in the National Day.

PTL 02

         That's a Good addition to the Cameroon Army to Fight against Insurgents and Terrorists. the IFV has one 100mm Main Gun for Destroying Tanks and Cover also it's Secondary armament consists of coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun for Fighting support  and 12.7-mm anti-aircraft machine gun for AAW as well as used for  Infantry Fighting too .The IFV also have Armour Plating who can provide safe against all kind of Bullets and RPG Rounds .The Tank doesn't have APS (  Active Protection System ) who saves from modern Anti Tank weapons But there is no fear because Boko Haram doesn't possess such high end Weapons.

  The Cameroon does have some RCWS ( Remote Controlled Weapon Station ) mounted on Light Armoured Vehicles 

         The Russians Now Coming to Help the Cameroon By Providing D 30 Howitzer. which can provide Long Range Artillery Support to Friendly Troops. The Soviet Designed D 30 having a 122mm Gun which can fire FRAG,HEAT,SMOKE and Laser Guided Shells which can fire upto some 16 Kilometers It can be easily towed in any Trucks. where D 30 weighing about some 3 Tons.

      They also Planned to Provide some Zu 23 the Famous 23mm AAA Gun. Which can be used for Both AAA purpose and Infantry fighting by. It's also can be Placed in any Kind of 4x4 Jeeps or Trucks and can provide additional support to the Troops.

Zu 23
along with the Package URAL Multipurpose Trucks can also been Delivered. The URAL can carry some  16 Troops safety it's Armour Plate can save the Lives inside the Truck .undisclosed Numbers are Negotiated.

But Finally Russia Providing them for free or Credit or Actual Market Value ..Because Cameroon can't afford to spent much money for the Above.

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