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The Myth of Chinese Aircraft Carrier

The Myth of Chinese Aircraft Carrier 


Chinese Navy Liaonong

Typical Defensive Suites of Chinese Carrier

              The Eyebrows Raised all over from the Top Military's when China Deployed his First Aircraft Carrier.Not only a Despite enemy to the west since ages Chinese Connection with Russia also a Bigger Problem to the NATO Countries. while China is new to this war toy .his neighbor Mighty India knows about Aircraft Carriers Since Ages. India used the Ex English Aircraft Carrier the Majestic Class Aircraft Carrier Renamed INS Vikranth R 11 used by Indian Navy who involves majority of Indo Bakistani Wars who takes his Responsibility of Sinking Enemy warships and Put Naval Blockade to Bakistan using it Primary Naval Air Arm the Hawker Sea Hawk. After India Bought another Aircraft Carrier from the British Which is a Centaur Class Aircraft carrier with advanced SVTOL Jets the Legendary Sea Harrier .
             while India Knows How to assemble and Operate the Aircraft Carrier in a CBG / CDG Mode ( Carrier Battle/Destroyer Group ) Operating under High Sea's .Eaves Maneuvering Escaping from Enemy Attacks .More than that How to use the Aircraft from it's deck.Not only India The Countries Like UK, USA , French ,Imperial Japanese Navy, Russia  and the Brazilians. While UK USA French Russia India have the Only operational Fleets to Form a CBG in case of war  .While China Says It's only for Training Purpose ..Are you sure China..? Most countries have SBTF ( Shore Based Testing Facility ) for Training Purpose .while some says China should Build Aircraft Carriers similar to Varyag where they Bought from Ukraine

           The Chinese Gets the Varyag from Ukraine Originally Built for Soviet Navy after Collapsing Soviet the Carriers comes under control of Ukraine tough it's unused because the Constructions not yet finished .The Soviet Built Varyag as a Anti Air and Anti sub Platform with variety of CIWS (Close in Weapon System )  and PMDS  (Point Missile Defence System ) along with Anti Shipping Missiles the Granit. because Soviet doctrine is Different they used it's carrier mainly for Protecting their SSBN ( Ballistic Missile Submarine Nuclear ) from the United Kingdom and the Americans

           When China Gets hand of that Carrier it's Just a Hull with abandoned Systems with zero operational Capabilities they used Millions of Dollars to bring the Ship into Chinese Port while only option left is  Towing the Ship through the Ocean with the use of Ocean Going Tug Boats china Towed the Carrier into Chinese waters. their was some Other stories too happens that Travel but they Did it.But it might have some issues.Possible weapons and more .While other countries easily get from Foreign .Chinese Only foreign Source is Russia ..He too not looking well when they face Exact clones from China. So they went their own Weapon system Include 
3 CIWS gun
3 RAM type Batteries and
2 RBU 6000 ASW Rockets

          All outdated Platforms which can easily vulnerable by Enemy forces or AShM .While the Carriers Secondary Arm is her Wings . The Chinese Carrier can House some 25 Shipborne Fighter Jets the Cloned version of Russian Su 33 K Chinese Named J 15 . and Thirty other Rotary wing Helicopters such as Russian Desgined Kamovv Ka 31 ,Ka 27 for ASW purpose and Helicopter based AEW Platforms .while US and France using E  D Analogues for Airborne Early warning Planes .while India Russia China relies on Russian made Ka 31 Helicopters for Airborne Warnings .

            While Comparing to American and French Carrier Borne fighters using CATOBAR ( Catapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery ) which can able to Launch the Aircraft with full Power less Fuel Usage Maximum payload but those Russian Indian Chinese Carriers are works under STOBAR ( Short Take Off But Arrested Recovery )   Configuration .resulting Fuel loss during the Take off and Limiting weapon payloads .the Plane Runs in its own power for Take off while in CATOBAR ship launch the Fighters into the Air 

            By lacking Range and Payload Su 33 heavy fighter lacks Range and Payload meanwhile the Indian MIG 29 K too. By Assessments The Su 33 Having two Kh 35 AShM and two R 77 can have limiting Combat Radii of only less than 400 Kilo Meters. But the Medium Weight Fighter Operated by Indian Navy the MIG 29 K have nearly 500 kilometers Combat Radii in similar Configuration also Indian Navy using some MiG 29 K fighters in Buddy Refeuling Configuration which allows the Aircraft can have increased Combat Radius or more Weapon Packages. No Pictures ever shot those Su 33 or it's clone having Full Combat Payload taking off from the Chinese or Russian Carrier even though Indian MiG 29 too . All Photos available is only Clean config or two AA Missiles. 

           Even though the Clone of Su 33 makes another issue about its Combat Radius is having only 200 kilometers .Some believes China Failed to Reverse engineer the Plane which can perform the same as the Su 33 in Russian Navy. They achieved the Physical Appearance But lost the Range and Payload .But Sure if Chinese Navy Launches it's J 15 in combat for Anti Shipping Role .having Two AShM and two AA missiles will not return back to it's deck .Surely It will Rest in the High Sea . while India Gets Carrier experience from France and America They Participate with countries Aircraft flying with Their Jets Taking Practice gather Knowledge about Operations .China's only option is the Brazil.Brazilian Navy Personals is right now Teaching the Chines to Carryout Carrier Operations.

         Here in the Above Picture you can clearly saw the Russian Navy MiG 29 K Arrested with four AA Missiles on its wings and a 1200 Ltr Drop tank on it's center Belly. The Only available Photo of Carrier op .So the Indian Navy's MiG Can do the same on board INS Vikramadiya R 33 

The Static Display of Russian Navy Su 33 having one R 77 in it's Center and two R 27 on both wings . along with 4x 60mm unguided Rockets . Maybe used in the Russian Navy's Normal Sea Denial Configuration to take out Fast patrol Boats and MPA's (Maritime Patrol Aircraft )

   on board Admiral Kuznetsov Su 33 Posing with 2x2 R 27 AA missiles two in each wing . Maybe normal Air patrol from the Ship 

         The Picture Claims Two PL 8 Air to Air Missiles and Two YJ 83 Anti Shipping Missiles ready for Take off from Liaoning . The YJ 83 Weights some 800 Kilo Grams having 200 Kilo gram of Armour Piercing warhead which is enough to break Ship's Starboard having Range upto some 250 Kilometers .Surly Checking up with combo this config Gives the Liaoning Sea denial upto 400 Kilo Meters .Ranging 200 Kilometers of Fighter and another 200 Kilometers for Anti Ship missile Range so you don't worry if your Ship is 400 km far from Chinese Carrier .But be sure it's not for Other countries carrier.

         The J 15 with Zero Payload arrested on board Liaoning

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