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The Naval Bombard

The Naval Bombard


OTO Melara 127/64 main Gun © OTO Melara - A Finmeccanica Company

              Yet another leap by India Just selected Naval Guns to Mount on the Front line Ships First Reported by IHS Janes .It's clear that Nearly 13 of them in contract Three will be Directly Delivered from the Company OTO Melera a Italian Based Famous Company for Building Naval Artillery's Since the 19th Half Century . another 10 will be Licensee Produced in India where State Owned BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited ) .There were Two contenders once the OTO Melera and the American BAE Systems .the BAE System withdrew his contend because of RFP's .Even if the BHEL Develop the Ten other Guns the Quality and Performance issue should be Solved by Italian Company .the Famous Negotiation in the MMRCA too . in Simple words Even if BHEL Developed the Guns the Responsibility should be taken by the Italian Company .That's why the BAE Just withdrew it's Product from the content.

                The Deals Total value is $ 250 million .but there is no word about Supports Maintenance and the Ammunition packages. But Interestingly the Gun have some awesome Performance and Range and Rapid Fire Options . By Analyzing The Main Role of the Gun is the Naval Bombardant .But It can also perform Primary option of Anti Aircraft Role and Anti Shipping Role .The AAA Can be achieved by the Massive Performance of 35 Shells within a Minute by Nearly 100 Kilo meters. with the use of inbuilt Fire Control Systems It can Attack the Target by very low  Circular Error Probability (CEP).

            Usually the Gun can fire all Kind of 5 inch Ammunition with ready fire upto some 50 Shells with the use of Automatic Reloading System it can fire Contentiously without Manual Loading .This system is combined by  three Parts

  • The Main Gun Unit 
  • The Auto Reloading System and
  • The Fire Control Unit 

System Components © OTO Melara - A Finmeccanica Company

         The Typical gun Barrel Length is Nearly 8 Meters Long .which can Achieve the Long Range by firing Unguided and Guided Shells .The OTO Melara Offering it's Guided Shell Konwn as Vulcano .which comes in Both Guided and Unguided Version compromising Range upto some Hundred Kilo Meters from Vulcano website

The Vucano Ammo © OTO Melara - A Finmeccanica Company

Ballistic Extended Range (BER)

         unguided multirole ammunition with multi function  programmable fuze;

Guided Long Range 

          (GLR)ammunition with IR sensor for anti-ship role;

Guided Long Range 

             (GLR)ammunition with IMU+GPS autonomous guidance for precise NFS actions (a Semi Active Laser sensor can be fitted as option).

The Vulcano Shell © OTO Melara - A Finmeccanica Company

            Actually India Planned to install some 13 of such Platforms in it's warship . while the 127/64 LW - VULCANO SYSTEM can easily installed in both Large and Medium Size Ships such as Destroyers and Frigates .Indian Navy Planned to Build some Seven of Front line Destroyer the Kolkatha Clas and Improved Kolkatha Class under Project P 15 and Under Project P 17 there were some 7 of the Shivalik Class Frigate .the Total Numbers Easily brings the Count by 14 .where the First of Kolkatha Class already floated out with the 127/64 LW - VULCANO SYSTEM.So easily the Order Numbers were correct by 14 (-1).

INS Kolkatha P 15 © livefistdefence.com

                 Another interesting news out is The Term Finmaccania where everyone Knows about the VVIP helicopter saga .the Company Largely involved in this game is Finmeccania.allegedly Scam found by GoI Further banned company and It's all subsidiaries to do not Participate future Indian Contracts. The Recent Example is the Naval Multi Role Helicopter .where American S 70 B and the NH 90 were the Final Runners .where S 70 B selected by the GoI by eliminating the NH 90 with the Connection of Finmeccanica 

             While in a Recent interview Mr. Parikhar told reports  finmeccanica have connections with some 49 other Companies .we will not ban everything for that .By simply allowing  finmeccanica Companies too participate in Indian Contracts ..which is a Good move by the Ministry of Defence 

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