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The Rafale Deal

The Rafale Deal 

           Why There is a Sudden truce about Rafale Deal all over the Internet . Did peoples aware of reading the News article by-self or Just Saw the Headline and Make Decision . This not a New when Press Reports something fishy about Rafale .So sure I'm not advocating for Some Foreign Product neith getting money From Dassault to write something in favour Of Rafal. I Just writing this because why our IAF team selects the Rafale and Moving papers in favor of Rafale.

I have some Points straight to Everyone 

            The Recent Report about IAF may go for more Sukhoi's if Rafale Deals Fails .Actually everyone thinks the Report come straight from the Defence Minister or the CNC (Contract Negotiation Committee ) but the Truth is It comes from an Ex Army Officer who turned into a Journalist Col Ajai Shukla . Actually he first write this article for His Blog and Business Standard Online News site . when it's Appeared on the Internet everyone Copy's it and Post it in their website quoting MOD going to order more Sukhoi's and withdraw the Rafale deal . 

Also IAF knows which one is Better for them .Not You or me or an Journalist .

For Peoples who Supporting Su 30 , 35 against Rafale 

            Actually once Air warfare started in the 19's everyone wanted to get control enemy Air Space  that called Air Superiority. same goes til now and Future too .but the Advanced Anti Air Missiles launching from ground makes serious Attrition damages to enemy Aircraft. So in this case both Su 30 35 are all Air Superiority Fighters .Their Main role is taking control of Enemy Air Space Defeating Enemy Fighters and Patrolling targeted Area with long Time . they are best to dealt with Air related Threats. we have Enough Number of Air Superiority Fighters in our Hangers currently we have more than some 200+ Su 30 MKI's which is a Most Advanced Flankers ever Developed. currently we have more orders may be It reach by some 400+ Su 30 MKI orders later it can get MLU ( Middle Life Upgrade ) Known as Super Sukhoi ..More powered Engine , More weapon integration .New AESA Radar which makes Better than the Su 35 Flanker . When China Gets delivery of Su 35 Super Flanker we will also get Super Sukhoi's from our Plants.actually  Those Air Dominance fighters are not well capable to deal with ground based strikes and Close Air Support for Friendly forces. so we need a Better Platform to do that work That's where Rafale suits better.

For those Shouting about EF Typhoon  G3 

      The EFT is a JV of many European Nation .That's also a Good Strike Fighter .But Problem lies on the Contracts you need to Contract  Countries who all involved to create the EFT . also EFT's sortie rate is low compared to the Rafale . moreover French Agreed to integrate Russian Missiles into the Rafale .Can the EFT countries allows it . If we have Problem with any European country who involved in the Project then our EFT fleet sitting in ducks due to Spare Parts.  and More other Problems

Why Rafale 

             The Rafale is an Omni Role means can do any mission in a Single Run a Air Indirection, Bombing a Specified Target or Kill a Maritime Strike the Rafale can do all this in one mission. But other you need to launch different Fighters to do that .even EFT can't do this why not the F 22 too . Rafale shown some awesome Performance in the Mali and CHAD countries . about their Close Air Support .an awesome Info there .Once a Kurd Forces ask the Colliation forces to take out some Targets in front of them those Kurd Fighters pinned by ISIS Terrorists .Nearby Dutch F 18 Called in But it can do the Bombing if it Bombed The Friendlies too suffer Both Receive Damage. Suddenly the French Scrambled their Rafale's .what happens Rafale just did a Strafing Run ( Using Aircraft Cannon ) It's so hard for any fighters to do a Gun fire on the Ground for CAS ( Close Air Support ) but the Rafale did it without any Injuries of Friendly Forces .

         And More Important Rafale is the Only Fighter capable of Launching Nuclear Missions .Till Now in IAF the SEPECAT Jagaurs are only IAF Certified Nuclear mission capable Fighter .If we get Rafale we sure another one Joins in our Nuclear Fleet 

So tell me if you have more doubts about Rafale Feel free to ask here

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