Friday, February 13, 2015

Good Bye INS Viraat R 22

Good Bye INS Viraat R 22

        It's time to say good bye to our Old Lady who keeps our waters safe from enemy surface ships. More than 55 years old now Indian Navy decided to withdraw INS viraat from It's fleet. the official decommission will happens early next year. so it's time to see her awesome performance in Indian Service as well as Her Majesty Royal Navy service. 

        The INS Viraat early known as HMS Hermes operated by the Royal Navy. They commissioned the Aircraft carrier in 1959.  the HMS Hermas initially a CATOBAR carrier which having steam catapults to launch Supermarine Scimitar, de Havilland Sea Vixen, and Fairey Gannet aircraft on broad HMS Hermes. later modified as a STOVL carrier to operate Sea Harrier Jets. when Argentine launched assault in British controlled Falkland Island in 1982. British assigned the HMS Hermes as a Flagship. during Falkland the Hermes carried some 26 Harrier Jump jets and some 10 sea king Helicopters. those harriers operated from Hermes deck shows serious threat to the Argentine Navy and Air force. even some Harriers last Hermes managed to gives it's additional support from resupplied Harriers.

     Hermes initially planned to purchased by the  Australians but that Falkland war issue fueled to down the sale. later India tried an agreement to buy the HMS Hermes. and the British agreed to sell the carrier to India in 1986 with some refits and upgrades the HMS Hermes becomes INS Viraat and commissioned to Indian Navy in 1989.

        But In Indian Naval Service INS Viraat never attend the Battle. but viraat did some good Humanitarian missions such as SAR and Natural disasters. but missed a good war in 1999 and 2004 Tsunami.

         During the Kargil war INS viraat is in  second mid service refit. which includes propulsion senosrs and modern communication systems new Radars extended hanger facilities. the INS Viraat in harbor during the Kargil war in 1999. but the Viraat stayed in the Harbour for refit but only comes later 2001. it's a Massive drawback to Viraat who failed to compete in the war. but their Naval Air Arm the INAS 300 white tigers operated the Sea Harriers from Large oil Tankers and Provided assistance to Naval operations. 

     she was again in the dry dock during the period of 2003 to install Barak 1 PMDS along with support systems but come back to service later 2004. where he able to provide humanitarian assistance to the Indonesian Peoples.

         due to the over age and long deployments and not a good platform to carryout strikes in modern Naval Conflict it's time to say Good Bye INS Viraat

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