Tuesday, February 24, 2015

IAC 2 INS Vishaal Project Accelerated

IAC 2 INS Vishaal Project Accelerated 

A Fan Art of IAC 2 INS Vishaal

Propsed model of IAC 2 Shown in a Expo, see the E 2D launch
         The Indian Navy Plans to Acclerate the INS vishaal Project which shelved and not being briefed several decades, The CCS approves the plan of Navy's 65,000 Ton aircraft carrier, with CATOBAR system running with Nuclear propulsion, when the BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center ) Successfully installed the small nuclear reactor onboard INS Arihant which is working impressive, the Plan of Navy's surface warships with nuclear power is also raised. while CCS have already given the green Signal, Navy suddenly launch the design phase of the Aircraft carrier,

         The Aircraft Carrier is in the final stage of design Phase, which can be unveiled upcoming days about the Actual Length and Tonnage, while CCS ( Cabinet Committee on Security ) didn't reveal the size of the Aircraft carrier, but some outside sources said the ship can be 65,000 tonnage and some 300 meters of Length, but these are just an assumption, the length may be increase or decrease and the size too, as of now the Indian Navy asked the American to supply the EMALS system to the Aircraft carrier which is slight improved from the Catapult launch, the pentagon too discussing supplying the EMALS ( Electromagnetic Assisted Aircraft launch System ) under the recently signed DTTI ( Defence Technology and Trade Initiative ). 

            As of now the Details are emerged  and confirmed is the Flat top carrier only, whether the CATOBAR otherwise the EMALS if US agrees to supply. none of others have been declared until now, but assumptions are high starting from E 2 D analog to Indian next generation unmanned Combat vehicle AURA too, with the concern from China they building the second  Aircraft carrier also third in Pipeline, India is also boosting it to met the Operational capability of 3 operational carriers, again problems in India we don't have a good Shipyard to handle such a big carrier for that we need to modernize one our Naval shipyard can able to build such huge carriers, the CSL built INS Vikranth is Just a 40,000 ton while the IAC 2 twice as the size of IAC 1. 

      The Armaments also in bigger questions, It's sure the Ship should employ some PMDS such as Barak 8 and ASW suite the RBU 6000, but still some doubts whether they carry some 8 or 16 LACM or Anti Shipping Missiles, The air Arm is also a Bigger doubts but can be predictable, no one can operate a Heli borne  AEW platfrom when you have capable to launch Big AEWCS plane like E 2, so it's sure IAC 2 should have the American E 2 D, not only but more heavy Aircraft's should be on-board, in a recent expo in Russia reveals the Russian plan of Building Naval Variant of PAK FA. in case we too buy some PAK FA for the Navy such a wonderful news to hear operating such heavy 5th gen Fighter from the Aircraft, Questions raised when the carrier is an Ski Jump model, that's too hard to launch such a Heavy fighter, Russians have no plans to build such Flat top carriers, they are nowhere to see the CATOBAR operations, so it's be a wet dream. But intrstingly the Rafale M. Those Rafale M is the CATOBAR capable carrier based MRCA plane no modifications needed to be operate in EMALS systems. so we might be end with Rafale B, The Airforce Goes for Rafale F 3 I and Navy goes for Rafale M. if the deal was collapsed the final option is the Legendary F 18 tough the FMS (Forign Military Sale )  deal 

     And the Good news is The govt may start fund the Carrier project by Next Year and Before 2020 we can see a Heavy long foot Carrier in our waters.

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