Monday, February 9, 2015

Jordanian F 16 Pounds ISIS positions

Jordanian F 16 Pounds ISIS positions 

Jordanian F 16 AM
The Jordanain Air force increase it's striking missions inside the Islamic state both in Syria and Iraq. last Month the a Jordanian pilots flew with his F 16 fighting falcon through out Iraq for reconnaissance mission to watch out Islamist militants movements. and the pilots flew blow 6000 feets altitudes. flying such low altitude can be easily shoot downed by MANPAD's and the Islamist rebels have bunch of MANPADS Seized from Iraqi military bases. and they shoot downed with a MANPAD whose details unavailable for public releases. and the pilot ejected from the Aircraft and landed in a Islamist strongholds. sooner the ISIS terrorists captures the Jordanian pilot and taken under it's custody.
The shoot downed F 16's canopy

Jordanian Pilot burned by ISIS

when the news circled through Jordanian monarch they Monarch approached to the ISIS to release it's pilots and ready to provide any kind of hostages swap agreements. and ISIS too know there were several ISIS terrorists is in Jordanian Prisons. and Jordan too moved with prisoner swap with the ISIS. but suddenly beginning of this week they executed the the hostage in barbaric methods. they put up the pilot in a cage and fired him up with petrol. that shocked every one of them from America to Australia everyone condemned this barbaric actions.

scribes in the Bombs
scribes in the bombs
The Jordan too takes it serious this matter. when they received the confirmation they suddenly hanged two ISIS terrorists which one of them is a black widow. they didn't stop it's retaliation they brings up each and every pilot and brings all of their F 16 into Action. their King also a Pilots publicly quoted he too ready to join with the Fight against ISIL. those  F 16 AM fighters loaded with bombs and ground strike munitions. they even writes scribes into the bombs and dropped over the ISIS positions in Syria and Iraq. the first day the Jordanians Scored some 75 enemy kills follow on by 120 and 85 so far today.

The American also provide cover to the strike fighters. The American F 22 and F 16 CJ provide air cover and gives co ordinates retrieved from the AEWCS E 3 . the Jordanian F 16 Pounds the Positions.  with the Help of F 22 the Jordanians retaliated with heavy bombing. and let the decapitated pilot rest in Peace.  

And the Jordan's ally UAE also gives some 15 newer version of F 16 Block 60. the Jordanian pilots can use it to carryout strikes against ISIS
Jordanian F 16 AM

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