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Graphical representation of K 4 SLBM

screenshot from K 4 launch Video
Since years the Defense Ministry secretly carried out successful tests and improvements in a missile that can be launched from under water platform the Indian future Nuclear missile carriers Like Arihant SSBN and upcoming sister ships of Aridman SSBN. where arihant already finalizing it's Sea trials and Harbor acceptance Trails. soon  the Navy will induct in it's force. even no one knows whether they added or not. Arihant also a Secret project where DRDO didn't said any characteristics about INS Arihanth.

The K 4's range still not declassified but sources indicates it's range may be up to 6000 km. DRDO secretly carried out several test firing from underwater platoons. where all those Tests gives 100% results. even some suggests they test the missile from on-board INS Arihant too. but DRDO declined to comment such most classified Projects. the K 4 is a two stage Ballistic missile. during the last year march test it traveled more than 3000km  reported by some front line media.

The DRDO already have a small range Submarine launched   Ballistic missile called BO 5 whose range capped at 700 km. Housing a Ballistic missile in a submarine is a crucial tech due to  the height of the submarine it's hard to house such big sized Long Range missile. But DRDO proved it's intelligence by placing it and Test firing it successfully. as of now the Americans Russian french English and the Chinese only have such Long Range Operational SLBM's. but it's first DRDO bring India's Name into it's list.

as of now no other information about the K 4 revealed. those info gathered from media sources and a DRDO released video confirming K 4 launching
Artistic impression of INS Arihant Launching K 4 ©Saurav Chordia
another Art of Arihant with BO 5 and K 4
Leaked picture of INS Arihant SSBN

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