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Sharing Nukes Saudi and Bakistani

Sharing Nukes Saudi and Bakistani

DF 31, Saudi bought some units of such missile during 2007 as per reports

DF 3A CSS 2 shown in a Saudi Parade April 2014
                This time the Arabs and Muslims joins hands to fight against another Muslim country and a lone Jewish state. between majority of the Saudi and Bakistani's Muslims are Sunni's and good number of Shia's too living in both countries. But both Saudi a Bakistani have 80% sunni muslim majority. unlike their common enemies like Iran and Iraq holds 90% of Shia majority. It's a Known fact that any other religious peoples can live with the muslims either shia or sunni but they can't live with other muslims if they sunni then they try to wash out shia from there same vice-verse. the known examples are Syrian and Iraq present earlier Qatar, Iraq, Yemen. and all over entire middle east can waged war with their religious shit to show who is powerful, now it's about the title 

Baksitani Army Chief with Royal Family
             As of now the Terrorists sponsoring country alone have operational nuclear warheads which where stolen blueprints of North Korea and the help from China to boost Bakistan to fight against India. Bakistan first tested it's sub kiloton nuke devices in  1999. but questions raised when that shit country detonates a Nuke warhead. when analyzers went into deep they find North Korean Nuke blueprints, Chinese design technology and the Wahhabi Saudi's money. the saudi's and Bakistani's plans to bring nukes in the midile of 1974. when India tested It's first Nuke aevice also Israeli's are also conducting secret missions and carried out covert Nuke test somewhere far from south Africa. that fueled those sunni leaders from Kingdom and Islamic Bakistan when they meet in lahore during the 1974. they planned many thing including buying some devices from China to counter balance Israel and India. during the lack of communications in the 1980's those are not available in media's. The Prgoram started by the Bakistani PM Zulfi Bhutto Funded by Royal saudi's 

Bakistani Saudi Military leaders
            The Bakistan and Saudi's are the best ally's in the Middle east both share good economic and military assistance between them. the Bakistani providing security assistance to the Saudi's whenever wherever from the past Yemeni clash to flying through the Saudi's fighter Jets. even those Bakistani SSG provide military security for the Royal Family. saudi also gives millions of dollars to Bakistan to establish their infrastructure. but they invest it terrorism. 
             The Bakistani PM started the Program funded by the Saudi's  going smoothly with secret inter meets with high level officials. once a Baksitani General visited to Saudi told some Officials "our Achievements are yours" that clearly indicates something big going to happens.  before testing the Nuke devices the Bakistani PM called Saudi Royal family secretly we are Ready to go. in short Periods of time  Bakistan begins detonating it's Nuke devices far from Baluchistan provenance. shortly after the sucessful detonation only UAE along with Saudi congratulated the Bakistani nuke tests and tried to calm down world Super powers. later Saudi officials are fibered by nuke terrorist AQ Khan. father of many Bakistani's. soon after the UN's  sanctions Saudi helped the Bakistan by providing 50k barrels of crude oil daily. 

       till the 1998 intelligence agencies from all over the Country's tracked that bakistani saudi collaboration of Nuke warheads and warned nuke imbalance in the Gulf region. but both Bakistan and Saudi's denied such involvements. It's first international research org Global  first reported that those known nuke collaboration in means of sharing oil for low cost and provide assistance during war times. soon after more news reports and Intelligence agencies figured out the same issue. not only that when those Saudi's bought CSS 2 from china early 1988. until 1990 China and Saudi doesn't have proper relationships. but that illegal weapon transfer happens well before 1988. CSS 2 or DF 3 A once a Backbone of Chinese Nuke Delivery options which carrying a 100kt nuclear warhead over 3000  kilo meters. which is completely a Violation of MCTR which controls transfer of Missiles range over 300 kilometers. all of the countries who selling Missiles to others should adopt the 300Km range specifications.

         until 2014 April most of the intelligence believes that Saudi may use the Bakistani ballistic missiles for it's primary nuclear delivery. to showing thier counterbalance power of Iranian Nuclear developments. but all those are went wet when they parade CSS 2 in the military parade. and that beleives Saudi's have nearly 50 such missiles in it's arsenals. also latest information's suggest that saudi may bought newer version of CSS 5 the known DF 21A. reports beleives that Saudi have three launch sites along his country to carryout DF 3A Ballistic Missiles. 

  as per latest reports Washington based research institute believes that the contract of sharing nukes renewed as per latest developments between the Bakistani and Saudi officials.

DF 3A CSS 2 shown in a Saudi Parade April 2014

Saudi Ballistic Missile Launching Site

DF 31 ICBM shown in Chinese Military Parade

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