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One he who conquers the ocean, conquers the world

“One he who conquers the ocean, conquers the world “

Indian PM abroad MCGS Barracuda gifted by India

    The new government led by PM Narendra Modi seems to have taken this seriously and working down to have India’s backyard, the Indian Ocean secured. Securing the IOR (Indian Ocean Region) requires the Government to strength its diplomatic strategy, deepening it's relationships with the island nations enclosed within the IOR. The government has had a tough job with the rising interference of China in IOR. The docking of a Chinese SSN in a Sri Lankan port has turned as a eye opener to the Indian government, which has been vary of any developments in the IOR. With a view to bolster the ties with various nations in the IOR surrounding India the PM himself has made a visit to these nations which reassures the much Indian support to the Island paradise. The PM is on a state visit to the Seychelles, Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

     With unrest in the Maldives and the security threat in air the PM has cancelled his visit to the Maldives but has supported the leader Mohamed Nasheed and is believed to be working closely to solve the disputes to the current govt. The PM has completed his visit to Seychelles and Mauritius signing few important pacts that can change the course of shipping and trade with these nations. The PM is scheduled to visit Sri Lanka tomorrow along with the NSA (National Security Adviser) Ajit .


PM Speaking in the Parliament Assembly

   The PM's first stop was the tiny island nation Seychelles, which is an archipelago have shared a very long standing relationship in the field of trade and shipping. India has helped various leaders of Seychelles steer clear of coups staged against their nations. India has also helped Seychelles with infrastructure development and Human resource. India has voluntarily loaned various projects in Seychelles.

   In the crucial field of Defense, the Indian Navy has an observation post which has been installed since a long time. The post can be used by both Seychelles and India to monitor the movement of Ships and other sea borne vessels. India has gifted a Dornier Do228 MPA and Chetak LUH to help monitor the vast coasts. India has charged the Indian Navy of safeguarding the Seychelles EEZ and to monitor any illegal activities.

    During the recent visit the PM has signed four notable agreements which helps develop and boost maritime capabilities of the nation. The PM formally inaugurated the Coastal surveillance Radar which will be helping effectively help the Indian and Seychelles Navy manage the shipping activities in IOR. The four major agreements signed are

  • Cooperation in hydrography, 
  • Renewable energy, 
  • Infrastructure development and 
  • Sale of navigation charts and electronic navigational charts.
The Coastal Surveillance Radar

Seychelles has agreed to lease the Assumption Island to India. India can develop the infrastructure and can be used to install Listening and Surveillance post for the Indian Navy. This would give a major boost to our maritime security.


Red carpet welcome to The Indian PM in Mauritius

       India and Mauritius share a very unique relationship which dates back to centuries. Most citizens of Mauritius are of Indian origin. Mauritius has been a friendly state in the IOR region. The Indian Navy has provided assistance to the Mauritius Navy in the combat against the Pirates. Indian navy has also helped Mauritius to maintain maritime security in their EEZ. Mauritius remains under the Indian Defense Umbrella, where we Indian Keeps the values and lives of Mauritius.

         During the PM Visits, PM offered a loan amount of half a Billion dollar to Mauritius to develop the infrastructure and has also promised to build petroleum storage facility along with technological help in medical field.

      India has also gifted a OPV to Mauritius Coast guard which is built by GRSE India the craft is about 74 meter Long. The 1500 ton vessel has helped bolster its maritime security.

The signed Memorandum of Understanding with Mauritius are
  1.   MoU in the field of ocean economy.
  2.  MoU for improvement in sea and air transportation facilities at Agalega Island.
  3.  Import of Indian mangoes.
  4.  An agreement on cultural cooperation.
  5.  Cooperation in the field of traditional system of medicine and  homeopathy

Editor Karthik Kakoor


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