Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Army commandos can take out 26/11 Operators inside Pakistan

Army commandos can take out 26/11 Operators inside Pakistan 

      In a Interview with ex Army Chief Gen VK Singh and former Delhi police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar Stated that Indian Special Forces can take out 26/11 operators who hide in Pakistan protected by Pakistani Army just how US forces took down Osama bin laden from Abodabath. 

      Indian Army Special forces is one of the very best commandos in the world Trained by Israeli and American and Russian Special Forces as well as ancient Indian martial art which makes them superior in it's kind, also Military exercises with most elite nations will also give good situation awareness and better fighting skills to Indian Soldiers said Gen VK Singh

      Also he mentioned that Israeli's tactics of taking out anti Israeli elements operating anywhere in the world, they do such impressive operations without any political and Global interferences, will always look good and best Military option to solve such Disputes.

     Unlike India which needed big discussions and huge political and business interference will make the Soldiers to stay idle and leaving the military option and move with less proactive political options.

    But the recent Yemeni Evacuations proved that Indians doctrine of war preparedness by Evacuating some four Thousands of Indians from Heavily war torn Yemeni Battle field without losing Indian Life, obviously a Indian died in shelling before the Arrival Indian flotilla, even the US the superpower of the world asked the US citizens to contact the Indian Mission to escape from Yemen, Thus proves the effect of Leadership and Operational preparedness,

      This kind peace time operations is needed to show the Muscles to prove the preparedness in front of the Global theater.

   When Neeraj Says in the event ""When I was in the CBI for nine years at one time we had conceived a plan to get at a certain gentleman in Pakistan. Everything was done. At the last day we thought we would inform the political bosses or shall I say the boss but he said no, we are not Pakistan, we are India,"" which shows the Political and Business interference to take out those Terrorists,

    Which mainly the Government fears of Economic and Global powers reaction about the Indian SOF Operation inside Pakistan, if it was Israel they never care such blackmails

     The interview also longed that Indian Intelligence failure to keep their eyes open in the Western Theater, seems now under Ajit Doval situations is way clear than before and Pakistani's feeling of Indian operations abroad Pakistan to take out those 26/11 elements as well as other Anti Indian Element, seems those security and Anti Terrorism Pacts signed with French, US and Canada bring less Global reactions but they can encourage the Indians to do more, Just like American UAV's firing missiles inside Pakistan.


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