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Russia Pakistan Growing Ties

Russia Pakistan Growing Ties

Mi 28 lost in the Indian Contest by AH 64, offered to Pakistan
      It's after 2011 that everything changed a drastic shift in loyalties, a loyalty that was built on mutual agreements. A country rather a power block made agreements with other countries straining relations with a country which it had for long had considered as its loyal supporter and ally or rather was it showing the strains is left to be debated. 

       The countries in question are Russia and India. It all started with Russian president Putin supporting Pakistan’s interest in joining Chinese based SCO (Shanghai Cooperation organization) and Putin also critically acclaimed t Pakistani's effort in fighting Taliban, and acknowledged Pakistan as one of the nations longing for development in the South Asia for which Russia and claimed Pakistan served as a bridge between Russia and the Muslim world.

   This rather bizarre incident irked the Indian government and the developments with China only doomed the relationship Russia still went ahead supplying China with the modern Su 35 fighter jets and the S 400 SAM systems thus securing the biggest defence deal in Asia at the time. 

        With India opting western technology over the aging Soviet technology, Russia has started looking at options that can question the critical balance of power in the troubled Asian fronts. Russia has not only set off the delicately maintained balance but has further fueled the raging arms race between the countries.

      Russia has showed renewed interests in the internal Pakistani issues be it the infrastructure projects or the terror issues. Russia has helped Pakistan to help improve its steel mills and mines and has also come up with offers to upgrade the decades old technology in return to guaranteed shares. Russia has promised to provide Pakistan with technical support to build power plants to power the all crucial port city of Karachi, which is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. 

    Russian ministry spokespersons have publicly condemned American led drone attacks inside Pakistan. The Russian Foreign minister publicly condemned these attacks and was quoted saying "It's unacceptable of America to violate sovereign territory by entering its airspace without any intimation.”
      Putin had planned a State visit to Pakistan in 2012, but it was cancelled due to reasons best known to the Russians, but it was followed by Foreign minister ‘ Sergy Larov ‘ paying a visit to Pakistan thus avoiding a major fall out in the growing relationships.

     In response to this Pakistan’s Army Chief visited Russia for a length of four days trip and held discussions about growing situations in Afghanistan and planned to establish a platform of thriving development in Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American led coalition forces in 2014. Afghanistan was something the soviet republic was after for years and Pakistan had promised a short cut to Russia’s dreams but it remains to be debated if Pakistan itself will be accommodated in the new thriving Afghanistan which has time and again tilted towards India for economical and diplomatic support. 

   Russia propelled the relationship further by promising modern era weapon straight off the shelves. This was met huge uproar by Indian government which accused Russia of arming Pakistan which called for unwarranted action against India’s sovereignty. 

    India threatened to pull curtains on any remaining relationship and faith bestowed with Russia. Russia therefore said it was ready to provide the modern Attack Helicopters Mi 28 to Pakistan and interestingly these copters had bailed out to the more advanced and lethal Apache helicopters which the Americans had fielded and had successfully secured the contract. 

   Russia further opened up the advanced Tor M SAM systems which are the most advanced series of Short to Medium Range missile systems currently operated only by the Russians. The Russian ambassador further went ahead stating that the Pakistan forces had floated requests to acquire 20 new Mi 35 Helicopters from Russia, and Russia inched further and responded positively to this request showing least concerns towards India’s repeated warnings. 

    Russia had already supplied the Mi 17 helicopter to Pakistan but they never had posed security issues since they were unarmed transport helicopters unlike the MI35 which is an excellent platform for COIN, Counter assault and Close support missions.

   Russia also agreed to deliver the RD 93 engines to Pakistani propel the JF 17 which were being acquired from China, the engine deal was a huge drawback to Indian interests and made the situation murkier. Russia and Pakistan have now agreed to conduct the first ever joint military exercise involving the Russian and Pakistani Army which will test the abilities of both nation in modern techniques of Battlefield adopted by the armies, and will surely help as an eye opener to the decades old Pakistani Army. 

     This news was also recently confirmed in a joint press conference headed by the foreign ministers of the countries. The ministers continuing said Pakistan and Russia will hereby work closely to solve the disputes which are coming in the ways of developing a flourishing relationship between the nations. 

Pakistani and Russian Military Leaders

Tor M 1 , VLS advanced SR SAM System

Most Advanced Series of Mi 35

 Editor Karthik Kakoor

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