Friday, May 22, 2015

Cold war Tactics again, IAF lands Mirage in Highway Road

Cold war Tactics again, IAF lands Mirage in Highway Road

         It's in the Morning outside Agra, The civil Police and IAF officials closed some part of the yamuna express way, within a moments a IAF Mirage 2000 fly low and approached for landing, then successfully landed on the Road, It's the first time IAF evaluating such emergency operational procedures in case of IAF bases forced to withdrawn by enemy bombing or missile Strike.

     This is the first time IAF doing such hard missions, where Pakistan and Chinese already successfully carried out such exercises.  It's the common idea for most of the air force using the transport roadways for emergency landing and Take off. the Americans Finnish Russians almost all major forces already did such Road landing. but compared to west and Chinese The Indian Express Roads have Street Lights and Electric posts which prevents the aircraft's low fly and Roadway landing.

         All most all of the countries plans to strike the enemy Air bases to prevent them to use their Fighters, like Israeli's during six days war almost destroyed half of the Egyptian Fighters in the Ground where Israel bombed the Runways which makes the Egyptian planes siting in ducks.  the same also being happens in the future war's.

         Chinese have numerous number of short range mobile ballistic missile, which allows them to target major Indian air force bases, to keep the IAF fighters in the Ground. but one can't make more damages to the Transport roads. since Air force can use any available nearby roads to use it's fighters to Take off.

         Landing or Take off from Roadways is too difficult, which can makes serious damages to the Aircraft engines, where roads have dusts and raw materials which can be easily enter the Fighters Jet air Intake, which causes the Engine problem leads to crashes. here IAF takes an risk plus adventure making single engine mirage 2000 for this trails. also birds near the roads also makes serious problem when landing on the Roads

         The IAF asked the state governments to construct future express high ways which capable to handle Fighter operations. having 50m wide, no stretches,no speed brakes, no nearby mobile phone towers, straight roads for some 3000feet long, which can allow the IAF operates their Fighters from Roads.

         The Roads also have side signal lights to help the Fighter to land and take off in the Nights too, which allows the Fighters can be capable of doing off site mission day and night.

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