Sunday, May 10, 2015

INS Vishal

INS Vishal


      The Navy's most ambitious project is the Nuclear powered Super Carrier, not only for Indian navy the same applies to all other major Navy's, so far Americans and French have operational Super carriers, and Britain almost completed two Super carrier constructions which expected to sea trials this year.

       So far Indian Navy operates only conventionally powered Aircraft carrier for almost decades, while another Aircraft carrier in the making, Navy's dream about Nuclear powered Super carrier nearly comes real, while recent developments in the Navy where CCS okay-ed the project. earlier reports confirmed the IAC 2 comes with nuclear propulsion along with CATOBAR or EMALS, But some recent reports are not quite clear about the Super carrier, says all options on the Table.

     But the recent  eye opener, Tellis report mentioning US participation arming the Indians to fight against Chinese threats, the dream of EMAL again brighten, He not only mentions the EMAL but strongly pressed the possible sale of F 35 fighter jets along with the DTTI, where Delhi and Washington agreement about defense trade and technology.

       While Navy chief clearly mentions  the future of the Navy's blue water capability lies only on the Air Power, mentions carrier air power should be boosted, while current carrier's and it's air wing has it's limitations due to the launching systems, one need a Catapult or EMAL to launch heavier aircrafts with heavy payloads, current MiG 29K from INS vikky and future IAC 1 lacks, so navy needs a more powerful Carrier to launch much heavier air crafts.

        Also the current carriers has only helicopter based airborne early warning radar the Ka 31, who also lacks power, range and performance, while the E 2 D system works more than a AEW but have decent jamming support. earlier Navy asked the Gruman to brief about the E 2D while Navy has plans to operate from Shore based facilities.

      The Navy also described that the Carrier comes with three Air options like Navy's F 18 E/F Fighter Jets  with EA 18 G growler electronic attack Jet or The American F 35 C, otherwise the French Rafale M. all of them designed to work with super carrier also comes with longer range and heavier payload. unlike Mig 29K lacks ranges and payload due to ski jump Take off.

    The US def Sec Ashton Carter scheduled comes India early June to seal the much awaited Helicopter deal, also government plans to start the official Negotiations/agreement works with the US to start transferring the Technology of EMAL systems.

      During the Navy seminar in India May first some US Navy Top officials joined and explained the possibility of future super carrier technology and using it in the battle, the general atomics staff also speak about the EMAL systems technology and it's applications, the company who developed the EMAL for US super carrier Gerald R Ford.

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