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Super Sukhoi Su 30 MKI

Super Sukhoi Su 30 MKI

   Sukhoi modernize program is  the another Long delayed Air force project, the Super sukhoi project is a Trending project during the early 2010, after announcing the MMRCA tender and winner most of them almost forget the modernise program, but still which not being considered as first priority, The Su 30 MKI is the Backbone of the Indian Air space protection, where recent troubles in Engines and Service availability also irked the issue. 

     while most other airforce's ramming up their primary fighter, Like pakistani's comes up with Latest F 16 Block 52 Fighter, and Chinese also in effort and Successfully fitted AESA and home grown EW systems in thier flankers, they also in talks with Russians to buy more advanced 117S jet Engines, to power their Flankers.

      But unfortunately we went earlier customized version of Flanker, which is far more advanced than any other Flanker, but that's not anymore, where west is merely researching about  retrofitting AESA, EW jammers and integrating more advanced Missiles, Still our MKI lags behind and runs as earlier like 2012, reports from HAL mentioned that they were complete the All pre ordered 272 Aircrafts before 2019, and they will step on another projects like Tejas MK2, AMCA and FGFA projects, so lack of Technological advancements and manpower, It's need to switch the MMRCA supplier,

        while HAL remains masters in Su 30 MKI, the super sukhoi upgrade also needs to hands over to HAL Team, meanwhile HAL invested so much in Sukhoi project, Recently DRDO gets two modified Su 30 for testing purpose mainly engine replacement and other Electronic equipments, slowly brighten the path of Modernize program, also earlier they get two Su for missile Integrations,

        Also under a Program the HAL and DRDO working to integrate Brahmos A missile with the MKI, a 44 of the Su 30 MKI can be modified to carry the Brahmos A missile, a Nuclear warhead is on the option. which may be fall under SFC, 

        But we have wide options, I sure that HAL and DRDO gets complete Knowledge of Su 30 MKI, so doing more in Su makes most efficient fighter in Asia for another 15 Years, It's the Israeli's who first Successfully changed the F 15 Air superiority of  Multi role Fighter, where US uses two versions of  F 15 one for Air another for Strike, The MKI is also have the capability of Multi role, but not the same like F 15 which is a Multi role CAS fighter,

      The Su MKI can't perform good Missions in Low Altitude due to It's size and Limits, but with it's awesome Combat radius is unmatchable, one more thing would be noticeable the MKI can't carry external drop tanks, which means the Fighter always supersonic and high AoA, the enemy noticed they saw a Su 30 MKI he should eject first from it's fighter, to save his life.

       the Possible Upgrades to the MKI is adding more effective Multi role, like Multiple ejector Rack, AESA radar, more powerful EW and Jamming systems, along with High performance Engines,

          India have wide options of AESA, ERDE already developed a AESA multi mode radar with the support of Israeli Elta, which is unveiled in Aero India  2015, which can be fitted into MKI, while it was originally designed for MK2 Tejas, a modified version can be used in Su 30MKI,  also variety of foreign options also available, we can buy from either Israeli's, Americans or French,

    The same also integrating Anti armour missiles into Su 30 MKI to perform CAS missions, for doing anti armour and CAS missions, the fighter comes to very low, and need a visual identification before striking, also most anti armour missiles  comes as low weight less range, which means one pylon can carry four such missiles in a rack config, earlier last week their is a information out that India working a base degin to create one, otherwise we can buy some from French where they already developed Spear Missile, Americans have Small Diameter Bombs.

         Another major aspects is the  Engines, the engine issue in Su 30 MKI is a Major problem, while it comes with Dual engines, even one fails the other can bring the fighter to home base, the 117S engine from Russia seems good, who also power the Su 35, otherwise we may go for west for good Engines, but Better Idea is a Joint venture with some Foreign, a Engine for Indian projects must needed, we already have a Joint venture with General Electrical with an Indian private company,

       If all the above options are considered and Quickly established we may see the Upgraded MKI before 2020, and the Initial batches comes by 2025.

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