Sunday, June 21, 2015

ADA Tejas 1 P with AESA Radar

ADA Tejas 1 P with AESA Radar

     HAL Plans to retrofit the Israeli made EL/M 2052 aesa radar on the serial production of Tejas once FOC is achieved,so far LCA uses the Israeli made  2038 radar which is a Doppler Multi mode radar known as mmr. so far Tejas test fired the Russian made R 73 heat seeking missile, which is a Short range IR guided missile, but the BVR missile yet to be fired from the Tejas, as per initial planning IAF wants the Tejas to fire both Israeli and Russian Missile along with Indian m,ade Astra BVR and some other Precession Guided Munitions.

         For long Range Interception Most Fighter Aircrafts carry Long Range BVR missiles, which allows them to engage enemy fighters from safe distance,  Tejas having low Combat radius which is noted less than 500 Kilometers one of the main reason why IAF rejecting the Tejas, due to this less combat radius The Tejas should need a Long range BVR missiles, Tejas planned to Carry BVR missiles like Indian made Astra which having range of some 70 kilometers, the Russian made R 77 missile having Range of some 80 kilometers, and the Israeli made Derby missile having Range of some 50 kilometers,

        But so far no reason provided by the HAL or the ADA why Tejas still not fired the BVR missiles either anyone of them, earlier Tejas launched a R 73 with using bore sights which will not uses much of the Radar for fire and control the missile, the Israeli elta already provided the source codes to the ADA to integrate missiles and Bombs with the Radar and with the Fighter Jets primary control systems, it's a Huge technology needed to integrate the Radar with Fighter jets and communicate with other platforms like Ground Stations and other aerial platforms like AEWCS.

       which also a major concern why IAF not interested in Tejas, even the decade old MiG 21 Bison which is a Upgraded version have BVR missiles for Interception, the Bison uses the R 77 adder missile for BVR engagement and R 73 Archer for Short range engagements. that's the main reason why IAF still using the Bison's in it's fleet and not interested the Tejas,

       Tejas not yet received the In flight Refueling probe, but it's already on behind the schedule by some six months, so far no informations are received, also recently the HAL team carried out hot refueling of Tejas, means Refueling the plane while the engine on working, a step towards refueling in the Air.

     The missile firing questions many things, does the Radar or the data links have problem to fire missiles and Bombs, and the IAF also interested in ASEA radars, where ADA planned AESA radars only on MK 2 versions or retro fit later, two models of planned one is Israeli ELTA made EL/M 2052 AESA another ARDE Uttham AESA recently unveiled on the Aero India 2015.

     It's the Indian Navy who is eagerly wants the Naval version of Tejas. who is also funding for naval tejas project too, the Naval Tejas planned to carry Kh 31, and Kh 35 Anti Shipping missiles, but the current situation is the same like BVR integration, means they yet to integrate and fire the missile.

      By these all problems It's seems that ADA and HAL plans to fit the AESA radar in Tejas to Fire those multi kind of Missiles, the news also not comes from official spokespersons or HAL, but some sources closed to ADA reveal the information, It's good to having a AESA in Tejas which gives more range and more target informations accommodate more missiles and fires them guide them to hit the Target, if Tejas fitted with AESA, then it becomes the first IAF fighter who comes with Operational AESA Radar equipped Fighter Jet

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