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China tests Hypersonic systems.! Has India found its way around ?

China tests Hypersonic systems.! Has India found its way around ?

China tests the Hypersonic Wu-14, what implications can this project have on the world? From India’s point of view !!!

    The Chinese Defense and Science research center has claimed it has successfully carried out a test of the Wu 14 hypersonic missile on June 7th. The first reports of Chinese carrying out the test emerged in the Washington based Journal Free beacon, Chinese officials have also confirmed the test by releasing the pictures captured during this classified test. 

   The Wu 14 has been tested for a fourth time and the missile will have to go a long way to before the project can be absorbed into the forces.  The missile’s track record it’s own stories to say the missile was first launched in last where the missile had successfully completed all initial mission parameters but the missile had failed miserably during the second launch. The third and the fourth launch have been successful.

    The Wu 14 is a hypersonic nuclear payload delivery system which can bypass some of the most advanced anti ballistic missile defense system. The MRV’s developed by various nations where designed to descend through the atmosphere and could have been intercepted by the advanced interceptor missile system. But the hypersonic vehicles were designed to enter the atmosphere and to glide up to their targets. While the vehicles glided the detection of these vehicles would be extremely hard and could greatly compromise the response time. The gliding vehicles are extremely maneuverable and can also extend the range substantially. 

     Pentagon in its recent release has confirmed the launch and has also reported that the Wu-14 is indeed a hypersonic vehicle which can attain extremely high speeds and can also employ measures to maneuver  the missile defense systems. The test of the Wu-14 comes at a time when the relationships between America and China have hit a new low after America reported Chinese alleged activities in the South China Sea. America has been very vocal about Chinese aggression in the Asia-Pacific region, America is now actively pitching for ratifying the ties within Asia-Pacific regions to counter China.  

The threat of Wu 14 on India and the world

         The Wu 14 is a major leap for the rapidly developing Chinese ballistic missile forces. The ballistic system has also received a major boost with the Wu-14 systems headed towards a successful induction process. The gliding Wu-14 vehicles can be fitted on to most of the ballistic missiles the Chinese have inducted to their armed forces. 

     With the vehicles gliding in the final phases the range will be increased considerably.  The vehicle will glide in extremely low altitudes and will level out unlike the conventional warheads. The Wu 14 can be a very efficient nuclear delivery system for the Chinese, the Wu 14 fitted on board the advanced ballistic systems can also be targeted at Aircraft carrier’s. With its hypersonic speed it is extremely hard for the carrier’s warning systems to track in the incoming threat and even if detected at the final phases the missile is extremely hard to be intercepted. 

       If China does master the technology it threatens to set-off a arms race in the already troubled Asia-Pacific region. India and US would be the first to respond and to develop such technologies to counterbalance the arsenal. With US deploying such missiles Russia may also follow the suit thus by involving the global powers to acquire such systems.

     USA and India has recently signed agreements to jointly develop a ballistic missile interceptor system that can intercept most of the ballistic missiles. It is no wonder if USA and India agree upon to terms to co-develop a delivery system and more advanced interceptor system. India has also recently agreed to sign the MTCR which will allow India acquire the most advanced system and also helps India to export its missiles.

     India has deployed the world’s fastest cruise missile, the BrahMos which was mastered with Russia’s help. India and Russia are believed to be the fore-runners in the scramjet engine technologies which are crucial in these projects to help attain the missiles the desired velocity. India already has started working on developing a hypersonic missile system under the ‘Shaurya’ project.

     The missile developed under the program will be a canister based missile system which will be a hypersonic surface to surface tactical missile. The missile is speculated to be the land based version of the even more secret K-15 Sagarika missiles program. The missile is rumoured to have a range of around 1900 km and can also carry either conventional or nuclear warheads weighing up to one tonne

    . The exact progress of the program is shrouded in secrecy but is believed to have been tested several times. The missile is believed to have been cleared for serial production and is slated to be inducted into the navy already. The ambitious BrahMos-II project is also slated to provide the armed forces with a hypersonic version of the lethal BrahMos.

Editor Karthik Kakoor

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