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Embraer ERJ 145 DRDO AEWCS

Embraer ERJ 145 DRDO AEWCS

  On the 22 august 2012 Night a Specially designed Embraer Jet Landed in the HAL Airport Bangalore, with the years of dedication and hardworking, Embraer almost completed all aerodynamic trails with the Big AESA radar fitted with his Body, where the Radar is developed by the LRDE ( Electronics & Radar Development Establishment ), which having complete 240 degree of view, same like many other low end platforms like Saab's erieye. 

      Early 2003, IAF and DRDO studied about the possibilities of building medium range of Airborne Radars to ensure the safety of the Indian Airspace, and increase the performance of Fighters co ordination and surveillance, with the DRDO lead several other Indian PSU companies involved in the project to  build a Radar which can be fitted in medium transporter Planes. 

DRDO and it's allies started selecting the platform, with the with the wide range of search DRDO and IAF shortlisted the Embraer ERJ 145 to mount the Radar on it. so far no one uses the Platform, But IAF is the first to test, Evaluate and induct the System, so far countries either opted the Saab Erieye or the American E 2D system. 

The ERJ 145 comes with two Rolls Royce Turbofan Engines, having wide body length the ERJ easily accommodate the Mission computers with Crew hospitality, with the five Tons of payload the system is more than enough to equip all the mission systems include the Heavy Radar. with the help of Turbo fan engines the ERJ can cruise at maximum of 800km, with the service ceiling height of more than 37,00 feet. once it can be take off from the ground it can do mission almost 4 hours or at some 3500 kilometers radius. but the same can be increased with in flight refueling on the air, where DRDO fitted the Refueling probe in the ERJ to perform mission more longer time.

         The DRDO plans to modify three ERJ planes into AEWCS where they can deliver two of them to the Indian Airforce, where another one remains DRDO's hand to study and evaluate radar and early warning systems to build larger platforms like the American E 3, where they already stepped and involved in the wide body AEWCS. 

Here in the ERJ, It having only a single AESA Radar whose having 120 degree of looking, with the two radar fits side by side gives the view of 120+120 degree view, where most AEWCS gets 360 degree view by Triple or four Radar with rotating dome, like the A 50 and E3 AEWCS. even with the 240 degree of sight. ( Still the official Tracking range classified even may go up to 160+160). 

          The Radar has a range of some 200 kilometers with the object detection sized two square meters. also it can detect five square meter targets at 300 kilometers. the AESA radar uses the S Band to tranmist and Receive data's where IAF's phalcon uses the L band for the same.

          The ERJ AEWCS comes with some unique features like  IIF( Identification Friend or Foe) systems to identify the friendly Aircrafts and missiles and guide them to attack the enemy Fighters or any other airborne Targets, ESM ( Electronic Support measures) to support and withstand against any enemy jamming and electronic attacks, and disrupt/blind enemy Aircrafts with Electronic and Jamming systems with the Radar. also with communication support systems and Satellite communication for using satellites to transmit and receive data's from ground stations or other nearby ELINT/AEWCS or Fighter Aircrafts. 

The Aircaft also comes with ECM ( Electronic Counter measure's ) to escape from enemy missiles, and with the Support of MAWS ( Missile Apporach Warning System)  to ensure the enemy missiles range, speed and path. also it's hard to come close to the AEWCS since it can almost blind your radar and Jam your communication system with the Huge AESA radar. 

The DRDO expected to hand over two of the ERJ AEWCS before the end of this year, if IAF satisfied they will order more, DRDO also looking for export orders too. Air force or nay modern aircrafts won't win a war without decent Airborne Early warning control center. 

Fleet like Indian Air force needs some 10 Medium and ten Huge AEWCS, where IAF has three A 50 phalcon (+2 in orders ) also plans to build six E3 style aewcs on the Airbus A 330, and two ERJ, makes in Future IAF have eleven full size AEWCS and two Medium size AEWCS ( more orders expected ).  IAF need a eye on the sky 24x7 to fight two front war, that's IAF need such a huge number of AEW platforms.

        With the unique capability of Airborne Radar system the ERJ can track ground movements include  Army's foot mobiles, flying projects either small UAV, Missile, or Fighter Jets, the ERJ can track and provide assistance to all of them. 

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