Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Using Air power to destroy Terrorist Camps in POK

Using Air power to destroy Terrorist Camps in POK

    The new Government taken power in mid 2014, with full hope of controlling border infiltrations and free hand of Indian Soldiers along the Indian Border to retaliate against enemy fire or infiltration, the New Government completes the first year, but no concrete steps against the Pakistani infiltrations, But despite condition the situations are not changed the Pakistanis doing the same again and Again,

    So far from early 2014 to 2015 nearly 50 Indians include some 10 plus Soldiers, the Terrorists almost  targeted Army bases and assaulted, later Army Busted and decapitated them, But the question remains same, How to control the Border infiltrations, The Air power is the only Options.

   The Air force and RAW intelligence almost have up to date informations about the Pakistani sponsored terrorist locations  inside Pakistani Occupied Kashmir. as earlier some Think Tanks stated that India may go for a Short Sharp war against the Pakistanis to stop the Border infiltrations, 

   The day almost soon, recent days too many reports of border infiltrations which causes Civilian and soldiers death, By comparing with Israeli's they almost Kill each and every terrorists who tries to infiltrate Israeli mainland, the Land shape is easy to spot them and Kill them, But here it's difficult, Snow's un explored area's, and worst weather conditions,

    If IAF gets the order to Destroy enemy terrorists camps inside Pakistani occupied Kashmir, It's sure Pakistan won't retaliate, lets see the exact scenario, IAF right Now has some good number of Fighters, Nearly some hundred plus Su 30 MKI is war ready which means they are in Quick reaction mode, all 100 will be launched within the moments of Some five minutes, by Moving some two to three squad of Su 30 MKI near Sri Nagar, gives complete Air superiority over PoK, with the help of IAF's Phalcon, one is assigned for Air operation and one more for  Target acquisition over PoK

    The A 50 can cover some 300+ kilometers where the original Range is classified, with the support of AEWCS some 6+6+6= 18 Su 30 MKI as Combat Air patrol, searching the Air for for enemy air activity, with the Huge combat radius and Fire power Sukhoi can keep all the enemy fighters in the Ground, if IAF dealt with Pakistan, it's clear the mission should need a IL 78 MKI Aerial refueler for continuous air operations,

       Meantime another AEWCS with RAW's elint platform will search and assign another set of fighters to perform attack mission, here all the Fighters will armed with highly accurate PGM/LGB missiles to strike the Target with pin point accuracy and score 100% target destruction capability, here we can use combination of Mirage 2000 and Jaguar Aircrafts.

   IAF has some twenty five plus numbers of Mirage 2000 aircrafts on Quick reaction mode, IAF has nearly 50+ Mirages where most of them in MLU, maybe 12 in MLU another twelve in test flights, along with Jaguar Bombers, here the Jaguars numbers may be upto fifty, while  some other fifty plus Jaguars is in upgrades, known as DARIN III upgrade.

    with the seventy two Ground attack aircrafts we can split them as six by six we get twelve strike packages, for round a clock mission, makes the Pakistani occupied Kashmir under Indian Air force control for some hours to clean up the land from terrorists, if each of the Strike packages comes with twenty four 500 Kg Bombs each armed with four PGM/LGB sized 250 or 500 kg warheads,

    In first wave of attack the Bombers will destroy some wide targets with 24 heavy ordinance, within a minutes another set of strike packages comes with same payload, this repeats for Six times, makes wide damages of enemy asserts, we can pause the actions for another thirty minutes to check the ground damage reports and mission debriefings to perform more in next waves,

       Meanwhile the Pakistanis will sit in the ducks, they know their Fighters won't match against the IAF's fire power, with the A 50 AEWCS weighting for Air borne targets and Su 30 MKI fighter are ready for Pakistani fighters, It's clear Pakistan won't send it's fighters to attack the Indian Missions in PoK. even if any Pakistani ultra patriot gears up his fighters for Air borne mission, Phalcon notices it quickly and direct two or more Su 30 to intercept the bogey,  with the Full speed and in Supersonic mode Su 30 easily penetrate Pakistani territory and engages the Pakistani fighters within their territory and come backs to friendly air space,

     The enemy don't knows whats doing the IAF pilots, all of them moves their hands to the Ejection seat switches instead of pushing the throttle, So it's clear that the  Pakistani air force won't take the suicidal missions,

       also the entire bombing mission only takes some 48 to 72 Hours, which results completes annihilation of terrorists inside Pakistani Occupied Kashmir which gives a temporary peace in Kashmir for next some fifty plus years,

        And It's clear Pakistan knows about Indian Amry, I sure they never forget Indian style during 1948, 1971 and 1999. if they tries the History repeats itself, and Says Indian Army smashed Pakistanis' 

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