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DAC Meet July 2015

DAC Meet July 2015


      The Defense Acquisition council Chaired by Defense Minister Parikar cleared more than $4 billion worth of defense equipments suggested by Navy, Air force and Army, as same as  previous Meets  this time too Navy gets more amount, by spending much money to buy another batch of P 81 Neptune from Boeing USA, also deals include Survey vessels too cleared, all these cleared deals will be sent towards the CCS- Cabinet Committee on Security for making Contracts if Finance ministry agrees to fund such Programs.

P 8 I for Navy

    As details emerged earlier about the additional number of P 8 Purchase, the DAC clears navy's proposal of buying four more P 8I maritime as second batch, the Navy required nearly 24 such long range multi mission ASW Aircrafts to monitor the long sea shores from both Chinese and Pakistani underwater and surface threats, as per plans the Navy bought 8 P -8 I from US company Boeing, a derivative version of US Navy's P 8 Poseidon, Boeing delivers all the 8 ordered aircrafts right in time without any negligences,  The Indian Navy crew also satisfied about the P 8 I's performances, also they went for next batch of four more P 8 I in the current five year plan. the four new P 8 I costs nearly $1.5 billions include spare, support and ammunition packages, Navy also plans to buy another two batch of P 8 I Neptune from Boeing in Future.

Other Cleared Projects for the Navy

     The DAC also cleared the Navy's proposal of build four large survey vessel valued more than $400 millions, all those survey vessels will be build in Indian Shipyards with foreign assistance, this is the fourth time DAC clears the Survey vessel program of the Navy, it seems whether CCS or FM contentiously rejecting the DAC's proposal of the Navy's requirement.

    The Navy also suggested the DAC to pass the requirement of adding all small Navy ships into Navy's network centric system, which runs with dedicated satellite, who is recently commissioned and under operational, but it was connected with large Naval warships only, but can't integrated with small ships like interceptor Boats, High speed vessels and small other Navy assets, adding a special system in those small ship makes it work with the Navy's Network centric system, the deal valued nearly $ 10 millions.

   Navy also asks the DAC to clears another $6 million to install RFID chips in all Naval assets include land based bases and Naval ground vehicles and Surface ships, this allows the Navy to identify the exact information about the current status of the System in one click.

    The Navy operates Five Kora class corvette's, all armed with 16 number of Kh 35 Anti Shipping missiles, who uses the Radar guidance which is fitted in the Ship, uses the Russian made MR-352 Pozitiv-E (Cross Dome) for Surface and Air search for Possible incoming Targets and uses the Garpun-Bal and MR-123 radars for Fire control, while the Mid life upgrade of those Corvette's need modern Air Search and Fire control Radar,  the Navy asks the DAC to clears some $ 6 millions to replace those Radars into modern one.

   Navy also ask the DAC to clears Brahmos Training facility dedicated for Ship borne sailors to get trainings in such systems to ensure their battle skills more powerful, instead of wasting missiles as test firing for Training purposes, DAC clears nearly  $0.5 millions for Navy's Proposal of building land based Brahmos training facility.

     Another major Navy's proposal was Mid Life upgrade of Navy's front line destroyers  and Frigates, Recently Russia proposed a upgrade of Indian Naval ships who uses Arm launching Shtil system into Multiple launch VLS Shtil's , as Navy's many Ships using the vintage arm launching technique to launch the Interceptor missiles, Navy looks the bright option to upgrade the ships with multiple launching VLS Shtils,

    In first phase three Delhi class destroyers and six Talwar class frigates would be upgraded into multiple launch VLS Shtil systems, DAC Clears $500 millions to upgrade those Destroyers and frigates with new generation SAM launching system.
    But all these DAC Cleared proposals should be cleared by CCS and FM before going to make a contract with the Supplier or Builder.

For Air force

    for Air force Same saga Repeats, Air force gets only less value of Deals compared to the Navy, DAC Clears Air force proposal of Buying and integrating ACMI pods in Existing MiG 29 and Hawk fleets, the Air force uses the ACMI pod in the Su 30 MKI to study and Training Pilots into real combat situations with real aircrafts, Su 30 MKI uses the US made ACMI pod. a short note about ACMI pod from US Airforce website

The ACMI pods, which look similar to the typical air-to-air missile in dimensions, collect data as the aircraft negotiates training scenarios in the 67,000-square-mile Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex while participating in RED FLAG-Alaska. Back on the ground, the information is dissected and used to debrief the crew on what they did well and what they could improve on - education being the key.

   DAC clears Air force proposal of buying such ACMI- Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation system with $4 million price tag.

    DAC also clears Air force requirement of building a Ground based simulator based on the Upgraded Mirage 2000 interface. the deal values not given,  these are the two deals cleared for Air force.

For Army 

     The DAC clears army's proposal of replacing vintage Russian made Zu 23 and Swedish made L 70 AAA guns from Indian Army's air defense unit, the Army likely float a Tender under make in India category to buy modern advanced systems like Sky Sheild or Mantis C-RAM ( Counter Rocket Artillery Mortar )  systems, where Punj  Lloyd, TATA and L&T collaborating with foreign companies to build such systems in India, the deal estimated nearly $2.5 billions for some less than 500 units, those Guns comes with automatic fire control systems,and requires less crew to operate.

   Also a special unit of the Indian Amry gets a New generation ground based Electronic Warfare system, which is used to intercept and Jam enemy communications and  Radio frequency's. the deal valued nearly $4 millions.

    DAC also clears Army's requirement of buying some 14,000 units of multi-spectrum camouflage net, used to cover and Hide, moving Strategic targets like Radar, SAM batteries and Tanks from Enemy's reconnaissance planes and satellites. the Army already have similar systems in huge numbers it seems new nets or additional numbers of camouflage net , and the contract value is also unknown.

     DAC also clears to buy huge number of Modular Charge system used to supply Direct current to the Field Artillery and communication systems, which gives powers from Diesel Generator to the Artillery unit by using the Modular Charge system to control the Electricity flow. the deal valued nearly $10 millions.

    DAC also clears a deal to acquire micro lite UAV's from foreign manufacture to train the NCC cadets in surveillance field, depsite backdrop of failed indigenous effort.  the deal value unknown. 

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