Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tensions for the Government, Pakistani Shelling and Veterans proposal of OROP

Tensions for the Government, as Pakistani Shelling and Veterans proposal of OROP

    It's shocking that the government still has not taken a good step to stop the Pakistani cross border shelling, this is not new, till now the Pakistani Army uses heavy machines guns for Firing, but now they moving with Heavy mortar shells, and Rocket propelled grenades, as inside the country, Veterans asking the government to implement the OROP now, and they moving with full wave of  Protests, as the Aug 15 deadline missed by the government.

Cross Border firing

   The new government gets the vote by saying will stop the illegal Pakistani firings across the Line of Control, however so far the Government takes no good steps to stop them, instead of wasting time on talking and  return firing, that makes huge attrition damage to India only, not for Pakistan,

    Just before the Independence day celebration, six of the Kashmir Civilians killed by the Pakistani Firings, some days before  Gurdaspur attack, Udampur strike makes India suffered more, but the Government said they will assigned a NSA level talks with the Pakistani's to control the illegal firing, as Surprisingly, NSA adviser also states that weapons is not a good answer, where Diplomatic solution is best to handle such situation, That's the Common Indian ideology since decades, Makes the Indian power a soft and weaken power in Global arena, where countries like Israel and Russia affected by Terrorism and cross border firings they act very quickly by eliminating the Group who involved the Tragedy, makes their Attrition damage very low compared to their enemies,

    However situation is very opposite here in India, If Pakistan contentiously shelling and killing Indian civilians and Soldiers, the Government keeps the Diplomatic options, and never tried to deploy massive force to destroy the destination of the firing source, where Israeli's doing this since decades,

    However instead of repelling the Pakistani firings, the Government asked the Civilians to vacate the land and move to safer place, this is how government plans to control the attrition damage, and waiting for NSA level Talks, and the so called befitting reply from India said by Ministers and government, the so called warnings from Home ministry is just a eye wash, since they were failed to stop the Pakistani firing,

One Rank One Pension

   The long awaited issue is the Ex service men's One Rank one Pension issues, since from day one of the new government the veterans eagerly awaiting for one rank one pension. but so far they didn't get any good answer except the same words like, The Government understand the veterans wish, and govt will soon resolve it, but more than one year same Words again and again, but no bill or no clear deadlines,

   Not many of the Today's generation don't know the genesis of the OROP, Well, here it is. Till 1973, the Pensions of Armed Forces  were  70% of their last pay drawn , while that of the Civilians or other Central government staffs was 30% of their last pay drawn. so as to compensate for the Early Retirement age of Armed Forces as compared to the Civilians, 88% of Military Personnel retire between 35-37 yrs of age, while 92% of balance retired ( then) at 52 yrs whereas all other Central government staffs  retire at  60 yrs  flat.

    However, in 1973, duly regularized by the  3rd Pay Commission  under Congress government,  the Pensions of  All Govt Servants were  made Equal, that makes all the central government staffs and the Armed forces gets the same 50% of pension, calculated by the last pay drawn, where civilian staffs gets 20% hike meantime, Armed forces personnel's pension decreased by 50% from early 70%, from 1973 to till now the Veterans asking for OROP, where the governments keep ignoring this since decades. 

   Even Just before the eve of Independence day the Veterans jumped into protest, but the Police men misused their power and lynched the Soldiers, even without paying respects to their ages, a 95 year old Veteran severely lynched and his medals thrown off, after the Media Jumped the situation changed, The Policemen moved from the place where veterans protested,

    And now the veterans announced a Hunger strike till death, and demanding a good answer from the Government.

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