Sunday, August 16, 2015

The US offers Fighter Jets under Make in India

The US offers Fighter Jets under Make in India

   From Sweden to France, now the Americans also stepping in to push co develop a fourth generation Fighter jet with India. the US ambassador to India Richard said just before the eve of Independence day, eying the  depleting squadron strength and numbers ,delay in the Rafale contract and delay in the LCA Tejas Projects. as government has no idea about what they doing, since one year zero number of new Aircraft's added, except the earlier signed Sukhoi productions from HAL's plant, and previously signed deal with US and Russia,

  So far the new government hasn't cleared a single aircraft deal, even Helicopters or the Cargo fleet and the said MMRCA, The IAF sounding about the depleting squadron strength and lack of new fighters to counter both Chinese and Pakistani Air force, after cancelling the Rafale deal, Sweden tried to push the Gripen for co develop by cancelling the LCA Tejas projects both mark 1 and 2 version, Sweden also promised to help the HAL and ADA to develop the AMCA later, Sweden tried as much as possible to seal the Indian Requirement of new fighter jets, But government neglected.

   As informed in the Parliament by the Defense Minister, during the period of May 2014 to Feb 2015, the Government signed 18 defense contracts with foreign vendors, without listing the deals, but it has no deal of procuring any helicopters Fighter jets or UAV's,

    It's something like if you have a requirement in huge numbers, then every sellers will comes out and offer something, the same earlier the US offered the Scorpion light attack craft, when defense minister announces, If Tejas fails some other light Aircraft will replace Required LCA numbers, the IAF rejected almost all foreign proposals of joint manufacturing and everything, they Just need the Rafale for medium and the improved Tejas for Light Aircraft, they don't want the Su 35 or anything, But the government still not acknowledged what the IAF wants, even the IAF top brass said we have no other plans.

  But Just now, the US ambassador sounded that US interested to build the proven F 16 platform in India, called the F 16 IN the block 60 variant, who was lost the MMRCA race with others, F 16 is a proven platform no doubt on this, even the newer Block 60 is much more good, and the Block 60 isn't a Light Aircraft but a good medium multi role Aircraft, with improved Engine and AESA Radar. Since IAF insists, the Light aircraft can be single engined that's the LCA Tejas, and IAF already plans to induct the LCA in big numbers, either Mark 1 or 1A or the 2, so there is no room for foreign Light Aircraft requirement in IAF arsenal.

   The requirement is the Medium Aircraft, where IAF already sticks with the Rafale, Just like as IAF policy, spend the money on Rafale or don't waste your money on other fighters, which is a Good Multi role Fighter, as Listed Rafale followed by Typhoon, F 18 Super Hornet and the American F 15 Strike eagle, the F 15 SE comes under the Heavy category.

   Even if the US offered the Super Hornet, IAF needs a major transformations, from IAF bases to IAF Personnel, The IAF pilots and ground crews are more familiar to the Russian and French Aircraft, but not with the American fighters, It's completely a new systems, as they need to learn about operating their missiles, storing in a safe location, hanger operation and Flight operations with US hardware's, also IAF need to invest another big round of money to buy the US standard Air to Air and Air to ground munitions, since IAF uses the Russian Missiles for Sukhoi and MiG variants, French missiles for Mirage 2000, European and Israeli missiles for Jaguar and Indian Israeli missiles for Indian made Tejas,

    IAF crew has enough training to operate with standard French aircraft and missiles since they use French systems in decades, so just a refresh training is enough them to operate with the Rafale, but same opposite when comes to American platform. so the American plans won't work for Indian MMRCA requirement.

IAF almost accepted the Rafale, so They will decline whatever fighters proposed by anyone.  


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