Thursday, September 3, 2015

India likely to enter Nuclear arms Race

India likely to enter Nuclear arms Race

    It's believed that India likely to reenter the Nuclear arms race with the neighbors, as the American Think Tanks  suggested about Pakistani nuclear deterrence become full spectrum and that's the major threat to India, India now considering to revamp old techniques to produce more Nuclear warheads, as of now India produce warheads from only one Plutonium reactor, It's believed that India may speed up the process to get more number of Nuclear warheads,

    The International community estimates India has around hundres Nuclear warheads, his neighbors Pakistan has hundred and twenty and China has tow hundred plus Nuclear warheads and put some hundred plus warheads in combat ready mode, It's clear because of No first use Policy neither India or China would not exchange Nuclear war, however the real threat is the Pakistani Nuclear weapons and the rise of Terrorism in Pakistan, which makes the Pakistani nuclear warheads unsafe, and the terrorists can easily put their hands on Pakistani Nuclear, also some rough general from Pakistani Army can wage a Nuclear war against Bharath, and even many of the Pakistani military officials threatening India with their Nuclear warheads.

   The same American Think Tanks said the Pakistani warheads are small, because of low yield, this might be problem, since small size warheads can be easily transported, like a Truck or big van enough to transport a 50 kT warhead, although Pakistani missiles are less capable compared to others means less range and less payload, that's the major reason behind why Pakistan speeding it's nuke productions, the same that they can believe many tactical nukes may stop Indian Front line Offensive Force.

    India has two major Nuclear Power near it's doorstep, both of them claiming lands and intruding Indian territory, makes a tough scenario likely escalate at any moments, So far India mainly invested in credible Nuclear deterrence by developing most sophisticated missiles and delivery systems, with the dedicated Nuclear command.

    India yet to join the Nuclear triad group, as the tests firing of Submarine based Ballistic missile yet to happen, and the Submarine based live nukes will be deployed only after 2018 or 2020, once the S 2 and S 3 SSBN's cleared for deterrence patrol,

    India has credible Nuclear deterrence by using the Agni based Ballistic missiles, India Deployed 1000 km to 4000 km Range Ballistic missiles Agni 1,2,3,4. and It's believed short range ballistic missiles like Pritivi is withdrawn from SFC and it was further developed into quasi ballistic and anti ballistic missile program, and some of the Pritivi used for Indian Army can be used for sub munitions delivery, however it's hard to see launching Pritivi in war, because earlier it was used for Nuclear deterrence, The actual numbers of Agni Missiles is not available for Public, however  four Series of Agni numbers could reach more than 100 missiles, for the Agni Missiles India need some 100 warheads. and It's clear the numbers likely increase in coming years. means the need of more Nuclear warheads is must.

     India yet to induct the Agni 5 missile, and It's still on test phase, however some say the Agni 5 maybe converted into  Anti satellite missile, a missile designed to attack enemy satellites in the space, most of the Nuclear powers already tested such ASAT Capability, India also need such capability to strike enemy satellites in case of war, so if Agni 5 converted into ASAT missile, SFC goes for Agni 6 for long range nuclear attack missions, so far all Indian missiles comes with only one warheads, however all P 5 Nations ICBM's comes with Multiple warheads, mostly each ICBM comes with ten 200 to 500 Kilo Tons of Nuclear warheads, as already reported some media's earlier DRDO already engaged in a Program to develop MIRV based warheads, and It's expected the MIRV based Ballistic missile known as Agni 6, which is likely to be test fired next two years, as first DRDO Plans for three MIRV warheads and later only India will poses 10 MIRVed Warheads in Nuclear missiles, so after inducting MIRV warheads the Need of Nuclear warheads will triple it's size, so there is no doubt that India might go for more Nuclear warheads in future.

   The Air based deterrence is pretty small, SFC using the Jaguar fleet for Nuclear bombing role, one or two Jaguar squadron filled up with some 10 to 20 nuclear warheads whose yield might be lesser than some 20 kilo tons, fighter based Nuclear delivery is very low yield since it is used counter the enemy advancements, and the SFC plans to induct 40 Sukhoi fighters for Nuclear delivery, even the Sukhoi's also armed with nuclear tipped free fall bombs, however India may add some 40 Brahmos A missiles for Nuclear delivery, and which will be kept under secret or just a dream, because violating MCTR will brings heavy sanctions, India respects the IP rights .

    The Major upcoming Indian Nuclear deterrence is the Submarine based missiles, however the INS Arihant is just an test vehicle, will perform test parameters in underwater, it's Nuclear propulsion and it's missile launching capability, However the future Arihanth class known as Aridhman series only host live nukes, where one is currently constructed in Vizag and two more in Vadodara, almost all of them put on the sea before 2020. each submarine can host 4 long range MIRVed missiles, means 12 live nukes with some 100+ nukes. so the reason of doubling the Nuclear warheads is happen with or without racing with pakistan and Chinese, and one must understand China also increasing it's nukes and deploying newer platforms.

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