Friday, September 11, 2015

INS Vajrakosh another fort in Karwar Naval Base

INS Vajrakosh,another Fort in Karwar Naval Base

The defense Minister recently commissioned another Naval base near Karwar named INS Vajrakosh, a dedicated base for missiles and armaments, The Karwar is one of the largest Naval base in India, located in the western seaboard,which is known as INS Kadamba located just miles away from INS Vajrakosh, Kadamba is the home base for two Indian Aircraft carriers, the reason of constructing the Naval base in Karwar is mainly it's geographical position and way outside from Mumbai commercial shipping line and Goa Tourists,

The INS Kadamba is located outside from the open ocean, the geographic positions allows monitor the Naval station from enemy's Ships, Fighter jets and missiles, the naval base is far outside from enemy's Fighter planes combat range, means the Pakistani or Chinese Fighter jets will not reach the Naval station with it's fast moving Fighter Jets, also the base is covered by the western ghats, so it's hard to enter inside the naval base, unlike open Bases like INS Shikra and INS Trata in Mumbai.

The new establishment is like a missile and armaments godown, which can be used to store Naval missiles and armaments, the Karwar is a home base for 50 Larger front line warships, the same accommodates Navy's all diesel electric submarines, they too kept inside the pens and tunnel facilities, those hills provide better security than the manned construction or open sea, something like docking in open harbor is way better that hide inside a pen, the mammoth Aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya also stationed in Karwar.

So all these Ships needs weapon supply, they have to be fully armed when they are ready for a patrol or deployment, the last public known fully armed deployment is the Navy's massive evacuation of Indian citizens from war torn Yemen,  the Ships comes with many kind of weapons, like torpedo's, cruise missiles, rockets even bullets too, all of them will be kept on the new INS Vajrakosh base.

If enemy strikes the Base in first wave of assault, then we are ran out of ammunition supply, that's the main reason why Navy selects the Karwar area, which is nearby the INS Kadamba base and way out from the Open sea's. as already mentioned the western ghats gives more than enough security cover to the Ships and bases. also Karwar is situated far from Pakistan and China, the Chinese and Pakistani fighter jets will not comes close to the Base, because of the fighter combat radius.

The Karwar is set to become a biggest naval facility after the American Norfolk Naval Station, the complete modernization will complete by 2020, as the project started early 1985, the First phase is already completed and under operational, the second base is also nearing completion, the INS Vajrakosh is the best example, not only this, another Helicopter base and some other facilities too constructed in coming days.

The Naval Air station in Goa, INS Hamsa is also some 50 miles away from the Karwar base, who is a major base dedicated for Naval use, important facilities like shore based test facility, MiG 29 K squadrons, and the Il 38 SD anti submarine plane also fielded in that naval base.

Karwar also have two dry dock facilities, which can lift all of the Indian front line warships for maintenance or re fit works, except the Naval Aircraft carrier, the aircraft carrier lifting dry dock will be constructed by the L&T near Chennai,   Unlike Andaman island command, the Karwar has already operational offensive and defensive missile systems, mostly the Rubezh or Brahmos based coastal batteries, and short range missile defensive system like Buk or Sterla.

The defense minister Manohar parriker commissioned the base and said that Navy helps in maintaining peaceful, stable and orderly environment for socio economic growth and national development.

Commissioning of INS Vajrakosh has marked the successful completion of a complex and modern project.The Minister exhorted the crew to ensure that the ‘missiles in Vajrakosh remain ever ready for operational deployment’. He expressed confidence that maritime security of our nation is in capable hands and each ship, aircraft and naval personnel stands tall and ready to protect our nation. He added that it is the task of naval personnel to protect the nation from the enemy and It is our task to ensure that the interest of all those in the armed forces are taken care of.

Speaking on the occasion, Admiral RK Dhowan, Chief of the Naval Staff, noted that Karwaris poised to emerge as the Indian Navy’s most significant base on the Western seaboard in the near future. This Naval establishment has some of the most significant naval assets already in service or being inducted. With the ongoing expansion of the Indian Navy, there has been increase in the number of ships, submarines and aircraft equipped with specialized armament and missiles. These need to be stowed and maintained in the best possible manner throughout their service life.The CNS complimented the crew of INS Vajrakosh, and exhorted them to do their best in performing their technically challenging task.

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