Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pakistani Report, India has enough fissile material for 2000 Nuke Bomb

Pakistani Report, India has enough fissile material for 2000 Nuke Bomb

    It's hard to believe that Pakistan too have common sense, since their Political leaders to Military leaders vows to attack India and shout Pakistan will win the war if future conflict erupt with India, so it's hard to digest that Pakistani military officials too lost their common sense and IQ, even recently they said Pakistan can annihilate India with the nuclear weapons, such words can comes from only an idiots or poor educated fellow's. however the Pakistani National command authority members speak about the Indian Capabilities in a recent meeting with the Pakistani government and military officials.

   The meeting was mainly focused the Pakistani Strategic programs and capabilities, while they analyzes with latest inputs from American think tanks report and many other resources,and they assumed that India has enough fissile materials to produce more than 2000 nuclear warheads, not just a low yield sub kilo ton warheads, it's mega ton ranges, even that assessment is not updated, the report suggests the details are as of 2013, and now the new Indian Government may speed up the process to build more nuke warheads, which can pose serious threats to Pakistan in case of nuclear war,

    The meeting also brings a clear input of growing conventional capabilities of Indian Army, which can able to attack and pose serious damages to Pakistani assets in case of war, the major reason behind why Pakistan change it's maximum deterrence policy into full spectrum nuclear deterrence, how ever they never discussed anything about the Pakistani officials war drums, or the Media is not allowed to publish about it, provoking India should cost more to Pakistan is the correct answer they get in the meeting if they discussed about it,

   Surprisingly the meeting was headed by the Pakistani Prime minister and his cabinet ministers along with the Pakistani national security adviser and  tri-services chiefs, they also briefed about the cross border shelling and provocation, how ever no information about the discussion was not published in the media.    

   The meeting also disclosed that currently no information available about the Indian Nuclear stockpiles and Missile delivery systems, as earlier from 2000's it's stayed on the same 90 to 110 numbers, and Pakistan says the assumptions maybe wrong, they have more nuclear warheads than estimated,

    Pakistan also raised concern of Indian second strike capability, involving nuclear powered strategic missile submarine, that India planned more than three such platforms, and It's a shock to Pakistani's about Arihant's performance and secrecy, so far it's not involved in any mishaps. those submarines can attack any Pakistan cities with the nuclear warheads.

   Interestingly they analyses the Indian Nirbhay missile too, a missile similar to American long range Tomahawk cruise missile system. they concerned about Indian plans of  Air launched and submarine launched version of Nirbhay cruise missiles, that can carry conventional warheads upto the range of some 1000+ kilometers.

   The meeting suggested that Pakistan should maintain full spectrum nuclear deterrence level to confront India, and that's what Pakistan doing since ages. we have Nuclear we have nuclear.    

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