Monday, October 12, 2015

India plans to buy S 400 Triumf SAM system

India plans to buy S 400 Triumf SAM system

    Sources close to defense ministry confirms, Defense minister Parrikar approves Indian air forces proposal of buying two squadron of S 400 missiles systems directly from Russia as government to government deal. due to the delay in Indian BMD program and delay in extended range Barak missile deployment. IAF asks the Defense ministry to purchase two squadron of S 400 systems each consists of eight launchers and associated systems. the defense ministry plans to clear the proposal in the upcoming DAC meet.

    S 400 is considered one of the best missile defense system, which having multiple type of missiles for engaging different types of flying targets, like Ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and fighter jets. S 400 is the upgraded version of  wider known S 300 PMU systems. as India once rejected to buy from Russia in favor of developing India's own missile defense systems. S 400 is a stand alone long range missile defense systems. can launch multiple missiles simultaneously to engage multiple targets at same time.

    The Indian air forces operates some older SA 3 Goa systems, which is much older. and IAF plans to induct new generation long range missiles. they selected the Indo Israeli joint product the Barak 8 anti missile defense systems. IAF also operates good numbers of short range Akash missiles and plans to induct more in coming days. almost all air forces works under a set of air defense systems, which incorporates surveillance radar's, Fighter jets, Missile defense systems and AAA batteries. as IAF currently in full swing of modernization. as first step they working on to upgrade entire air bases and surveillance systems under one umbrella. the project almost in finishing condition.

    The S 400 is one of the best systems ever developed, comes with three Radar's and multiple launchers, which can cover almost 400 kilometers of air space, one S 400 system close to Rajasthan can cover half Pakistan, China already signed a contract to purchase more than six regiments of S 400 missiles systems, which give Chinese air force an upper edge to control entire Taiwanese air space and much of the Eastern India, even a Battery close to Indian borders can cover entire New Delhi too making IAF jets operates under hostile threat. China and Russia signed the deal in early 2012, and It's believed China  get those missile defense systems in coming years.

    IAF's order is very small compared to China. Just a two squadrons, comes with eight missile launching units. deploying the missile batteries in central India can cover New Delhi and Mumbai. each squadron comes with Missile launchers, Radar systems, command posts and missile reloading vehicle. Russia already deploys those S 400 missiles close to Japan and Baltic states, which secure Russian mainland from enemy infiltration.  

    The S 400 comes with two Radars, which scan targets more than 400 kilometers. the grave stone is the known long range air surveillance radar, used to scan the air space and identifies the hostile threats. the radar comes with IFF- Identification of friend and foe System, allows safe operation inside friendly airspace. the high powerful radar can guide more than 60 missiles to different targets at same time. this radar mainly used for detecting and engaging fighter jets and cruise missiles.

Grave stone and Big Bird
   Another one is the Big Bird Radar, which is used to detect missiles at long range and high altitudes, basically used to detect Ballistic missiles. the S 400 has the unique capability of engaging tactical and short range ballistic missiles. both radars comes with anti jamming capability. so it's hard to jam the Radar's using electronic warfare systems. those Radars lock enemy targets within two minutes, and allows to launch interceptor missiles within seconds. the system comes with optional radars like low band surveillance systems to detect low flying objects in close ranges.

   The S 400 missile launchers comes with three types of missiles, each comes with different characteristics to  engage different type of targets, one version is used for ballistic missile interception, who comes with semi active radar homing, to lock the target before engaging, means the S 400 radar guides the missiles as well as the missiles onboard radar too guide the missile in terminal phase. thus allows high probability of interception Ballistic missiles.

Long Range and highly maneuverable medium range missile
    Another is the Long range Hyper sonic missiles, used to intercept Fighter jets and Cruise missile. the missile travels at hypersonic speed, means 6000 kilometer per hour. at the range of some 250 kilometers, even if the Radar tracks targets at the range of 400 kilometers, the S 400 can launch interceptor missiles when it comes close to 250 kilometers. the Russian S 400 has a missile which can target fighters at some 400 kilometers. however due to MCTR rules, the missile not available for export. 

    There is one more missile in the S 400 battery, which is used to intercept low flying highly maneuvering targets like cruise missiles and mirv'ed warheads from Ballistic missiles. compared to other missiles, this missiles range could be less some 120 kilometers. however this is one of the best missile which destroy almost all kind of flying targets.  

    Over all it's not the missiles, It's the Radars who makes the S 400 is much deadlier than other systems. even if the Indian government signed the contract by this years PM visit. Russia may deliver it only after 2018 or later. due to the economic crisis it's clear that anyone having money can buy those S 400 systems. as countries like Saudi, Turkey, Vietnam already in negotiations to buy S 400 SAM system. 

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