Sunday, October 11, 2015

Missiles, Bombs and Tanks, Russia punishing Syrian Rebel groups

Missiles, Bombs and Tanks, Russia punishing Syrian Rebel groups

    After the tactical air deployment, Russia now moves to intensify the attack on Syrian rebels and ISIS terrorists. as last week Russia started firing the Long range cruise missile from Caspian sea, which is close to Russian mainland. the long range cruise missiles hits the rebel positions very closely making severe damages to the rebels defensive positions. and the strike allows the Syrian regime forces advance towards the Rebels positions in northern Aleppo, a Syrian rebels stronghold.

    The Russians provided tactical air support, missile strikes and close air support to the Syrian Regime to recapture the ground, the Russians never sends it's ground troops or special forces to support the Syrian army. however they covers the regime forces from the air, by using Mi 24 P attack helicopters armed with cannons and unguided Rockets. more than four Mi 24 P fly very low and provided close air support to the Syrian Regime forces.

    The Offensive is not a success till now, even with the Russian Air support. Syrian Rebels ambushing the Regime Tank columns in every positions. the Rebels has Saudi supplied US made second generation TOW anti armor missiles, and Russian made Konkrus missiles. they used those missiles and ambushed the Syrian armors. as first day of offensive, Syrian ground troops lost more than twenty armored vehicles. which include BMP and T 72 Main battle tanks. the Rebels too suffered causalities, only because of the Russian gunships. the Saudi and West denied to supply MANPAD's to the Syrian Rebels, if they have MANPAD's they surely destroy all flying close air support helicopters.

    The Offensive continued the next day too, the Russians dropped cluster munitions and laser guided munitions. the coordinated attack forced the Rebels to withdraw from the northern Aleppo stronghold. however both Syrian army and Syrian rebels suffered very much, and the ISIS used the chance, they suddenly comes from the northern side and capture the battle zone, and now ISIS gains the northern Aleppo grounds. and Russian, Syrian, Iranian forces striking the same Aleppo as third day.

     The Aleppo offensive comes with a coordinated strike, Russian Air support, Iranian Tactical support and Syrian ground support, yet they loose the captured ground to ISIS. during the offensive the Rebels scored high value hit. they killed the Iranian Revolutionary guard commander Brig Gen Hossein. he is the one who commanded all the Iranian activities inside Syria, more than 2000 Iranian light infantry Soldier operating under his command, killing the general is a big victory to the Rebel side. however it's still unknown who killed the Iranian General whether the ISIS or the Syrian rebels.

    The Russians using what Americans doing inside Iraq, the known good offensive is the coordinated attack over ISIS grounds in Tikrit, the Tikrit battle is one of the Biggest battle in the 2015, led by the US Air force, US Military advisers, Iranian Ground troops headed by Gen Qasem, and the Iraqi soldiers, the offensive spearheaded by the US. the US and British air strikes who supported the Ground troops push towards the ISIS stronghold, makes a wonderful victory, 

    however the same is not working with the Russian air support, even the FSA don't have any anti sir capabilities, also it's clear the US spearheaded operation held by two phases and lasted more than a month, so we have to wait for a month to conclude how much the Russian air strike proving.

   Russia not only attacking the Syrian Rebel positions in Aleppo, their Fighter aircraft dropping Satellite guided bombs over ISIS positions too, Raqqa is the ISIS's stronghold in Syria, which is way longer from the Syrian capital, and no sight of coordinated strikes over ISIS positions in  Raqqa, Syria and Russia planned for retake the western side first before entering towards ISIS positions, the Russian air strikes will continue in coming days as Russian Military leaders said, and it could be major war against ISIS, and Syrian Rebels.

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