Thursday, October 29, 2015

More Border outpost and Soldiers along India China Border

More Border outpost and Soldiers along India China Border

    Home ministry approved the proposal of building more border outposts along the Indo China border to keep an eye on the border. Earlier this year Home ministry agreed to construct new border outposts along the border even with despite Chinese pressure. More than fourteen outposts already constructed along the Indo China border as per earlier cleared proposal. During the UPA Regime the government keeps those plans under tables due to the Chinese pressure on constructing new fortification along border. However new government won't listens Chinese doldrums and keep constructing more border outposts.

    ITBP not only building more constructions along the border, they deploying more personals and  equipment's to keep the Soldiers perfectly equipped to confront against Chinese interventions. The Ministry also told, that ITBP receiving more night vision devices and winter suits, Home Ministry also approved the ITBP proposal of adding eight new battalions under the ITBP Command, five of the new battalions will be deployed along the border, while rest of them will be deployed in Naxal and Maoists affected northern states.

    The ITBP's prime goal is to be stop Chinese soldiers illegal border crossing, Early 2013 the Forces failed to stop the Chinese incursion, they entered inside Indian Lands and erected Tents. After despite movements from the Indian government they vacated form Indian lands. Meantime during the new government's period PLA did tried to infiltrate many times, However the Army and ITBP managed to stop them before crossing the borders.

   Last month, PLA Troops managed to infiltrate and constructed a small watch tower. Indian Army and ITBP gets orders from the government to destroy the illegal construction inside Indian territory, Later reports suggest that Indian Army deployed their special forces close to Daulat Beg Oldie to carry out combat operation if the Border action team engaged by the PLA soldiers. This shows Government always tries to take aggressive moves.

    So far this year ITBP constructed six new border posts in Arunachal and Himachal Borders, and eight posts in Uthrakhand. ITBP didn't reveal the exact destination of the newly proposed border posts. However it's believed more will be established in Arunachal and Himachal area's. where most of the incidents happens in earlier. Also the ITBP officials declined to comment about the number of attempts made by the Chinese to infiltrate Indian borders. Earlier reports revealed 300 such attempts made by the Chinese.

    The ITBP has a long time proposal of dedicated transport helicopters for resupply. The Ministry allowed funds to hire helicopters privately. However the funds remains unused because of, the lack of such medium transport planes in private companies. The ITBP keep pushing the ministry to provide dedicated  transport fleet based on Mi 17. which can meet ITBP requirement. 

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