Monday, October 5, 2015

One week of Russian intensive Bombing inside Syria

One week of Russian intensive Bombing inside Syria

    Russia almost take full control of Syrian air space, since the beginning of tactical air deployment, Russia gets full support from the Syrian officials about the target locations, and feed those target co ordinates into the Fighters mission computers, with the use of satellite guided bomb, they striking the target with very good precision. however striking co ordinates seems they just only started bombing ISIS Positions, as first they strike targets close to the Latakia port, which was besieged by radical Islamist force called as Free Syrian army, the Rebels who armed by west and America to fight against Assad's forces.

     While many western analysts confirms the  initial stages of Air strike conducted over Rebel held area's not the ISIS held area's like Palmyra and Rakka, after some pressure from international community, Russia initiated first air strike over Palmyra which is under controlled by ISIS, those smart bombs from Su 34 targets directly towards the ISIS positions, which almost destroyed each and every ISIS positions in Palmyra, so far Syrian air forces used dumb bombs, which lacks precision kill, without having real time battlefield information about actual target positions, they use ground forces radio communication to strike enemy targets in real time, when ISIS hear about the Fighter jets, they moves from the position, So most of the Airstrikes causes no real damages,

    The Russians comes with complete preparation, they deployed one or two Il 20 coot electronic intelligence plane,which is used to collect ground intelligence, intercepting communications and capture real time SAR imaginary, the same data can be transferred to other Russian aircraft's operating within the zone, Russia uses the Su 34 for Precision bombing for surgical strikes, and uses Su 24 Fencer and Su 25 Frog foot for heavy bombing, these two were armed with unguided bombs.

      All of the Russian planes fly above some 20,000 feet to evade from ISIS manpad threat, during the ISIS Rising days, bunch of pictures released which shows ISIS using MANPAD's, even recently ISIS shot down Iraqi reconnaissance light attack helicopter, and recently Russia announced there is no threat from ISIS manpad's inside Syria, while they still fly above some 20,000 feet, where MANPAD can't have the capability to reach that altitude, meanwhile the west and American sponsored terrorists doesn't have any manpad's, that's why Russian Helicopters and Syrian Helicopters enjoys full air superiority over entire Syrian air space.

     Cities like Idlib and Aleppo is contentiously targeted by the Russians, which is under controlled by the Syrian rebels, The Su 34 armed with 500 kg GLONASS guided bombs heavily used in that places to push back the Rebels. which is the Russians major challenge and that's why they deployed the forces very quickly, Russia still have no plans to deploy combat soldiers inside Syrian battlefield, however some 2000 Russian infantry soldiers still inside Syria, to safe guard Russian interests like protecting the air base and the Naval outpost, which was vulnerable to Syrian rebels.

     As Russian Military planners stepped into anti ISIS Strikes, they initially planning to cut the military supply, the known Russian tactics since decades, Russia forced to conduct parallel bombing over Syrian Rebels and ISIS. Russia almost managed to collect information about the ISIS Resupply, So in coming days they plan to conduct more fire bombs over ISIS positions, It's hard to comes for an conclusions within a week, what Russian forces did, so far a year US and allied forces conducted nearly some 10,000 of sir strikes killing some thousands of ISIS Terrorists and equipment's, ISIS doesn't "expanded" after International Coalition attacks heads by the USA, actually they lost 25% of the territory,

    Unlike American air strikes, Once Russian forces conduct air strike Friendly forces suddenly deployed and hold the positions,  not only the Assad Regime, Iran already deployed some two thousand Combat soldiers inside Syria to assist the Assad's shia regime, Iran plans to deploy more troops in Syria coming days, another Syrian ally is the Hezbullah Terrorists, who is a Shia terrorists, who supports Assad from the beginning of the Civil war, the Hezbullah supported by Syria and Iran, now Russia too transferred some odd older T 72 Battle Tanks, where Hezbullah's main target always Israel, Israel bombed Hezbullah positions many times, they attacked Hezbullah position's inside Lebanon, and Syria earlier.

    There is some reports earlier mentioned that Israel too joined with the Russians to pound the ISIS positions, however Israeli ministry denies the same, Israel fighting enemies since decades, yet they never publicly acknowledges their actions, also some reports mentions that Russian ministry ordered to all allied and American fighter jets leave from the Syrian air space, however America and France says they will keep striking ISIS positions inside and outside Iraq and Syria.
    Anyway, It's clear Russia could intensify his attack in coming days, that we can see more ISIS targets, and some Russian American confrontation too.  

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