Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Pakistan buys 8 Yuan class Submarines from China for $5 billion

Pakistan buys 8 Yuan class Submarines from China for $5 billion

   The Chinese started building the first phase of four yuan class submarine requested by the Pakistani Navy under a $5 billion deal. as the second phase of four submarines will be built in Karachi Pakistan with the transfer of technology. including modifications of last two submarines with Vertical launching cells. which can fire submarine launched cruise missiles or Ballistic missiles. the Pakistan get the export version of Yuan class dubbed by S 20, comes without having the Air independent propulsion which keep the submarine submerged for longer times.

    China and Pakistan signed a deal to procure eight modified yuan class diesel electric submarines. under this deal with quick delivery option and transfer of technology also discussed. So both agreed to build four in each nations. the first four will be constructed in China. meantime Karachi too started building the next four. however the last two which is planned to build in Karachi will modified to carry submarine launched missiles to carry Pakistani nuclear missiles for credible second strike capability against India.

    Compared to the Pakistani surface fleet, it's submerged fleet is very good. Pakistan operates two older Agosta class submarines, which is almost 35 years old. however recent upgrades makes the boats still running. Pakistan Navy also operates three modern AIP powered French designed Agosta class submarines. each one built in Pakistan and France, and one partially assembled in Pakistan. Pakistan also gets complete transfer of technology before building the last Agosta in Karachi.

Agosta class submarine
    Those Pakistani Agosta's are more modernized compared to other version. it comes with lower acoustic signatures, increased dive depth upto 350 meters full load, with improved AIP performance and operational Range. the Submarine comes with four 533mm heavy weight torpedo tubes. as well as tube launched Exocet anti shipping cruise missile for stand off engagements.

    Compared to the Agosta the newer Yuan is bit under powered in all parameters. Since France almost stopped it's assistance to Pakistani defense sector. The Pakistani's forced to buy their military needs only from China and Russia. the yuan is bigger in size, to carry more armaments. the ship size is some 76 meters length weighting upto 3500 tons. most modern Submarines comes with half of this weight. however the Yuan's structure is double hulled, to escape from bigger depth charges and mines shock.

   Same like other submarines, the Yuan armed with six 533mm Torpedo tubes for launching heavyweight torpedo's. the Ship only accommodate Russian and Chinese Torpedo's. while Europeans won't supply torpedo's to China and Pakistan, due to previous intellectual property violations.

YJ 8 anti shipping cruise missile
    The torpedo tubes also fires long range anti shipping cruise missiles. It's believed that Yuan can carry YJ 8 anti shipping sub sonic sea skimming cruise missiles, ranging upto  100 kilometers. with the 150 kg's of armor piercing and high explosive warhead can disable any bigger warships, if it hits the Ship's super structure. the YJ 8 comes with active radar seeker, which can target the enemy ship in terminal phase for better accuracy and high probability of kill. Pakistan already operating such anti shipping cruise missiles from it's Fighter jets and Frigates.

   Indian Navy building modern submarines for it's fleet support. unlike Pakistani Navy, Indian Navy operates under a group of flotilla just like the US Navy. also Indian Navy too have ambush forces for surprise attack. Navy almost has some good numbers of fast attack boats with missile launching capability. Operation Trident and Operation Opera is the good example.

   It's believed that The first Yuan for Pakistan would be rolled out within one or two years, and induction of first S 20 before 2020 after completing all trails. with the parallel production Pakistan will deploy all of it's yuan boats before 2022.  

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