Saturday, October 24, 2015

Pakistan threatens to use Nukes if India Initiates Cold Start

Pakistan threatens to use Nukes if India Initiates Cold Start

    Pakistan once again threatens with Nuclear weapons if Indian army tries an offensive inside Pakistani territory. If India and Pakistan once again enraged in a war the NDA government will allows the Army to conduct full blown offensive just like how Indra Gandhi gives free hand to the Tri services to go against Pakistani forces. The Indian Army currently fully equipped to fight against any dense battlefield. unlike earlier the Army will not conduct regular patrols alongside the border, They will cross the border and conduct offensive operation. It's the BSF's duty to safeguard the Indian Borders, like a auxiliary units for first line of defense.

     Pakistan is too much concerned about the Army's latest modernization of network centric battle forces. The entire armed forces connected with satellite communication, means they can work as a team and coordinate well with other friendly forces. However Pakistan is still in stone age military planning and execution. The Pakistan Army suffered heavily due to the internal politic issues. In case of war the Indian Army may mobilize entire conventional Army and equipment close to the borders within 72 hours.

    In case of war the first 72 hours of operation could be defensive mission to stop the Pakistani's illegal border crossing. This can be done by using the BSF units to. During the first 72 hours IAF would control entire Pakistani skies by destroying their early warning radar networks and SAM sites, and forcing their Fighter jets keep inside the hanger or they will loose all of their fighter jets in first 72 hours.

    In the first 72 hours Indian navy almost start blockading the Pakistan Naval supplies and locate and destroy Pakistani Naval Submarines. Indian Navy much concerned about the Pakistani Submarines. So Indian navy may look to locate and destroy the submarines. with the help of anti submarine planes like P 8 and Tu 142 they would locate and destroy those Submarines within 72 hours. If the Pakistan Navy tries to brings their Submarines into conflict. Meantime the Coast guard keep vigil to search for any suspicious Pakistani trawlers close to Indian EEZ. In wartime It's clear there will be no warning before shooting. 

    Within the 72 hours the entire Indian Army, expect the forces who deployed along India China border will be deployed near to the borders. They can be mobilized all over from India, meantime the Indian Naval groups also comes very close to Karachi port for possible Naval fire support. Almost half of the Indian Navy ships comes close to the Pakistani shores for Naval artillery gun support. This would provide additional fire support to the Indian Army ground troops, If they would be ready for offensive operation inside Pakistan.

BSF Soldiers guarding the frontiers
    As the NDA governments agenda and the Army's wish is to capture the Pakistani occupied Kashmir. For that India may deploy a large column of Army units and BSF soldiers to conduct clean up mission inside PoK. with the close air support from Indian Air force and Army aviation units. The Support would be essential for a free backup to the ground forces, IAF and IA aviation use Attack helicopters like Rudra and LCH for such operations.

     At the end of first 72 hours, there would be massive pressure from International communities to stop  the offensive. When Indian Army ready to deployed inside Pakistan for some destruction mission. Pakistan knows they can't fight against the Indian Army. While Indian army is trained and equipped as superior as compared to Russian and American ground units. So the Pakistan will be forced to use their nukes to stop the Indian adversaries.

     It's clear that Pakistan will warn the Indians as the usage of  Nuclear bombs. While India focus on the conventional warfare on the first 72 hours. Pakistani's may start working to assemble their nukes  into hair trigger mode. The Indian and Western intelligence would smell the Pakistani nuclear loose status. Even there would be possible special operation could be initiated by the Indian and Israeli soldiers to seize the Pakistani nukes. Otherwise India may host the Israeli's fighter jets to carryout areal strike before conducting a special operation.

A small Indian Navy flotilla
    If the deadly mission successful. then there is no need of using ground operation. If the operation is ruled out or failed, Then the Indian Army crosses the border and wage full effort to seize the Nukes. Meanwhile the IAF fighters keep circling over Pakistani airspace for possible missile launching. The IAF's massive surveillance platform can fly 24x7 mission inside Pakistani air space for their nuke activities. So it's hard for the Pakistani's to carryout a missile launch inside a denied airspace. even if they tries to fire a nuclear equipped road based cruise missile that would be the end of Pakistan.

    With the retaliation India washed out the Pakistani cities by launching multiple nukes makes Pakistan inaccessible for decades.

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