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US Plans to supply 8 new F 16 Blk 52 to Pakistan

US Plans to supply 8 new F 16 Blk 52 to Pakistan

     The Obama administration considered the Pakistani proposal of supplying eight brand new F 16 Blk 52 Fighters to the Pakistani Air force in a unknown deal value. The deal was accepted the US president but which is yet to be cleared by the US Congress committee. It's highly unlikely the US congress would block the deal. Since the US Congress has majority of Republican members. The Pakistan Air force already operating some 53 modified F 16  A/B and another 18 F 16 C/D or Blk 52 Fighters. and the new batch of eight F 16 could be the Blk 52 model.

    The US administration is concerned about the possible nuclear proliferation of Pakistani nuclear warheads. The US think tanks suggested that Pakistan may increased their nuke warheads from 90 to 130 in last four years, and they also could overtake the England's nuke numbers by 2025. Since the UK government planning to shrink their nuke warheads into just 220. The US government tries to arm the Pakistan government conventionally to stop working on Nuclear programs.

    Earlier days the US will use their forces to stop others Nuclear programs, However the Democratic US government approaches some other ways to stop others Nuclear programs. One of the good example is the Bill Clinton's  North Korean nuclear deal. which was intended to stop the North Korean weapon grade nukes into civil nukes. However the North Koreans broke the deal and continued towards the weapon grade nuclear works. The same goes for Iran.

Democratic Obama offers billions of dollars and assistance to the civil nuke reactor construction in Iran. However they too working closely to produce nuclear warheads.The deal yet to be sealed. and still on the tables. Iran is also same like North Koreans and just tested a nuclear capable missile which was against the agreement of the Nuke deal.

    Obama administration doing the same mistake in Pakistani nuclear programs by offering more conventional weapons and civil nuke works. The US offered Pakistan as a waiver of assistance to constructing civil nuclear power plants, economically assist to construct dams, and providing more fighter jets and munitions to the Pakistani Armed forces.

     The US wanted to use the Pakistani lands to move over Afghanistan. Pakistan suing the US much money for using Pakistani roads. Pakistan charges some $500 to $2000 per trucks who using Pakistani roads. So the Obama administration also need to impress the Pakistani's by give more weapons and fighter aircraft's.

PAF F 16 Block 52 with CF Tanks
 Coming to the F 16 delivery's, The US government stalled or cancelled more than seventy F 16 A/B fighters and delivered some forty F 16 A/B Fighters early 1990's. Later days all of them upgraded to fire BVR missiles and Harpoon anti shipping missiles. and US delivered 18 brand new F 16 Blk 52 or C/D fighters which is much capable multi role fighters to conduct air to air and surface as well as maritime missions too. US also allowed Jordan to deliver some 13 F 16 A/B fighters to Pakistan. Those are also upgraded into ADF version. which is much suited for air to air missions.

     Recently the US congress funded Think Tank suggested that arming the Pakistan is the bad idea. They might be join the Chinese to attack Indians in case of war. The congress members much concerned about the safety of Pakistani nuclear weapons too. The US tracks the Pakistani's F 16's movements all time. However in early 1990 they modified some F 16 B fighters to carry Nuclear bombs.

     Even if the current deal is signed the Pakistani fleet of F 16 numbers would increased into 78. which include 28 brand new F 16 C/D Blk 52. The Blk 52 is the multi role capable strike aircraft. which can carryout air to ground, air to air and maritime strike missions.

    The current F 16 C/D sale is not a threat to the Indian Fighter's. Since the IAF has equipped with much modern twin engine Su 30 MKI and MiG 29 UPG's. both are primarily built for air to air missions with little air to ground capabilities.

    However in April, The US government approved the possible sale of 15 new AH 1 Z viper attack helicopters along with 1000 Hell fire anti tank missiles along with associated systems for less than a billion dollars.

   All the US delivered systems are always under American watch, India too keep the satellites to track the F 16 fighter and Mirage fleet of PAF along with future AH 1Z. since they can make little damages to Indian Air force and Indian ground units. The Pakistani Mirage fleet and F 16 A/B can carry nuclear gravity bombs. Just like how the IAF Jaguar assigned for nuclear strike roles.

   Anyway, the proposed civil nuclear deal and Fighter jet acquisition deal yet to be approved by the US congress. and It's possible that US congress may block the proposed deal. 

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