Tuesday, November 10, 2015

India Russia Hands on Exercise Indra

India Russia Hands on Exercise Indra

    The Indian Army Soldiers and the Russian Army troops holds a two week long counter terrorism exercise in the deserts to evaluate the International standard of fighting terrorists in Desert conditions. This training will provide additional help to both Army's when countering threats in desert Regions. Under the UN mandate every Country's must conduct a exercise in desert conditions to fight against terrorists in open desert conditions, as Middle east terrorism in mind.

     Two hundred and fifty soldiers from  Russian ground force's motorized brigade led by Major General Sergy L Negotin will joins with same number of Indian Army soldiers led by Colonel N Prashanth. The Russian military soldiers landed in Rajastan and welcomed by Indian Soldiers and Officers. Both of them also conducted a joint military parade. 

    The exercise conducted under a specific command and controlled by network centric systems by joining both Russian and Indian mobile command centers. Both Russian and Indian soldiers will assist each others to handle different kind of arms and ammunition's. The exercise also involves physical fitness trails before conducting missions in desert conditions. Mock tactical drills involving red and blue forces mixed with both Indian and Russian soldiers which helps them to learn from each others with specialized techniques and operational procedures.

    The Joint exercise also demonstrate the capability of conducting Joint operations directing the infantry to correct positions to carryout missions. The known Cordon mission also exercised, which means seizing and controlling enemy out post or military tactical command center till the support arrives. Search and combat rescue missions for both hostage rescue and combat rescue in desert conditions also conducted.    

    The Exercise will be conducted in the center of Rajastan desert's Baikaner region, the region is much hotter and loose sands who challenges the Soldier's mobilizing and living. This exercise will give good preparedness to the soldiers to fight against any desert conditions even in Middle East or Central Africa. The UN also wants the same, where Soldiers must be trained well to conduct peacekeeping missions in above nations.

    The Exercise will be conducted in two phases first is preparedness and next is validating. The Russian and Indian Soldiers will hands on for first phase to prepare their body conditions to fit in before fighting in the desert. Next is validating the exercise in the ground with all the said above parameters. Some of the Russian military generals also visited India to witness the exercise. Indian Generals too present in the event.

    The Annul exercise also improves the ties between India and Russia, both can study new tactics and fighting methods, Since Russia planning to start a ground offensive in Syria in coming days. The mock exercise also check how the Russian Soldiers are prepared fight in desert conditions.  

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