Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rajnath's China Visit, Border issues Discussed

Rajnath's China Visit, Border issues Discussed

    Home minister Rajnath singh scheduled a five day visit to China starting from this November 19th, Key issues like border problems, Naxal insurgency and joint effort to neutralize terrorism will be  discussed. Another key issues like South China sea and relations with ASEAN also likely to be discussed. Home minister plans to meet Chinese government officials to increase the co operation between both nations when dealing with International issues like Middle East issues and South China sea issue.

    Rajanth's visit will focus the border tensions along the International border starting from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh, The Modi led government invested in Chinese border to fortify the border with new infrastructures and additional troops. China contentiously protesting Indian advancement close to borders, which include several new out posts and Advanced Landing Grounds.

    Previous UPA Regime halted building additional watch towers, deployment of additional troops and official visit to Arunachal due to heavy Chinese pressure. However the new government didn't listen Chinese protests and continuing fortifying the borders with latest equipment and additional troops.

    Border Incursion's are often happen in such high altitudes, since both have no clear sights of their respective borders. The Chinese were more active on incursion and breaching Indian lines. Recent incident close to Daulat beg oldie created small hamper between two nations, when China constructed a small watch tower inside Indian boundary which will be destroyed by Indian forces later, Some sources reported that India alerted the Special forces for quick deployment in the incident zone for further Action. Later it was solved peacefully with flag meetings.  

     Most of the border incidents with China solved peacefully these days, with two party's flag meeting involving military and government officials to ease the tensions. China nowadays not interested in flag meets, which led further escalation in the issues. Rajnath will ask Chinese military and government officials to hold flag meeting regularly without failing.

    Rajant also meet Chinese officials to discuss about Naxal and maoist insurgency and possible Chinese funding of money and arms to the insurgents. North east militant groups actively get supports from Chinese covert agents. Earlier Indian Para military forces found Chinese originated small arms and ammunition in hands of Maoists and Naxals. Which makes controversy between two nations. Just like how Pakistan help Kashmir separatists, China doing with Naxals and Maoists.

     India and China will hold talks to neutralize ISIS terrorists activity in Asia, Uighur militants in China and Kashmir Militants in India would easily brainwashed by ISIS to carry out bigger attacks towards civilians. Both India and China would work jointly to thwart such plans. Both agreed to share any information regarding such terrorism planned against others.

  Rajnath planning to skip the South China sea issue in his visit, India taken wise step to stand against China in the South China sea in the name of free usage of International waters. India actively working to solve the disputes in the South China sea by conducting patrol missions close to Chinese artificial Island. India also deployed a Naval ship in South China sea as a operational deployment of India's act east policy.

    China also forced India to don't join the ASEAN nation's alliance, A state formation who teamed up against Chinese action in South China sea.  India will not join the ASEAN alliance however India may Stand with ASEAN nations statements and supports International freedom of Navigation mission over South China sea. Indian Navy also plans to fly FoN mission above the Chinese Artificial Islands.

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