Friday, November 6, 2015

Supporting Afghanistan This time Mi 35 Attack Helicopters

Supporting Afghanistan This time Mi 35 Attack Helicopters

   India all set to give four Mi 35 attack helicopters to the Afghanistan army as a good will to fight against Taliban and Pakistani sponsored terrorism. The proposed discussion will be held by coming days when the Afghan National security adviser meet his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval. Afghanistan looks Indian co operation to build peace and security along the state. India already deployed Forces and support systems in Afghan to fight against the Taliban terrorists and improve the country's economy and stability.

    Supplying the Attack helicopter is new in the defense cooperation. Earlier India provided HAL made Cheetal helicopters for utility purpose. However this is the first time India providing modern Mi 35 Hind E helicopters to Afghan. The Attack helicopters can be used to fight against Taliban's with it's superior fire power and defensive capabilities. Afghan already operating some Mi 35 attack helicopter bought directly from Russia earlier.

    After US overthrow the Taliban's from Afghanistan, India officially express interest to build stronger relationship with Afghanistan, With the US support India carried out friendly mission in early 2010.  India not engaged the fight against Taliban in Afghan, However India moved with infrastructure and economical aid to Afghan to establish good relationship for longer times.

     India invested bigger projects in Afghan by constructing Power plants, Health and Educational activities. The Indian Army's BRO (Border Road Organization) also sent in Afghan to build key roads around afghan to connect major cities like Delaram and Zaranj, Also take care of the Nimroz remote province and  assisted many humanitarian and civil constrictions. India also helped the Afghani's to stop depending on Pakistan for their economical needs.

    At first in 2005, India deployed more than 200 ITBP elite commando's to safe guard Indian missions in Afghan such as constructions, Educations and government buildings. The US and the Collation forces will not allow foreign troops inside their mission zone.Where India is the first country who deployed the forces inside Afghan with the support from Afghan political leaders. India also says once the ISAF mission ends India will deploy more troops inside afghan.

    The Pakistan is on other hand playing hide and seek games inside Afghan by plotting attacks and suicide bombings. The well known connection between ISI and Taliban has been whitewashed by Wikileaks, Once the ISI backed Taliban militants carried out a suicide attack in Indian Embassy Kabul. The Attack killed an Indian Army Brig general and a senior diplomat official. Same kind of attacks still happens in Afghan to sabotage Indian  missions. The recent one is last year attack in Indian Consulate Herat.  The attack was repelled by the ITBP Commando's.

    Providing assistance to Afghan Army is also a key interest, Most of the Afghan Soldiers are trained by Indian Army, India also hosts some Afghan nationals in NDA Pune. India supported the Afghan military by supplying armored personnel carrier and 4x4 Jeeps.  Earlier HAL Provided three Cheetal Utility helicopters to Afghan Army. All of them under operational.

    Taliban threats in Afghan still exists.As a recent example, this year Taliban seized two major districts in northern Afghan with Pakistani support. However the Afghan forces and US forces later carried out counter attack to re capture the lands from Taliban. The US earlier said will pull out all the troops from Afghan by 2015. however they revised their plans and extended to one more year.

     Afghan currently has less than 10,000 US Forces and Air crafts, Some 2000 other Soldiers from NATO countries, unknown number of Indian Army and Para military troops and 1,70,000 Afghan troops. However the Afghan troops are poorly equipped to fight against the Taliban's.Most of the times the Afghan positions are overrun by  Taliban's. However later The ISAF comes to the rescue.

    The Afghan Air force has some Mi 35 and Mi 17 for Air support, The MD 500 also provide close air support. Afghan set to receive the first batch of A 29 Coin aircraft's from Brazil in coming years to revamp their Air fleet. Which makes Afghan a good place in Middle East with the support of India. 

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