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Stalled Pakistani naval Modernization Programs

Stalled Pakistani naval Modernization Programs

    The Pakistani Naval power slowly depleting day by day without having any future programs, except some newly planned submarine acquisition program from China, The Surface fleet of Pakistani Navy sinking day by day without having proper modernization and no future inductions. Pakistani's one and only known ally China also hesitate to provide  their top class Type 52 Destroyers.

    Pakistan has small coast line, who having no real threats from foreign nations. The Indian Navy too won't engage first until Pakistan fired the first shot. Pakistan has nearly 700 kilometers long coastal line bordered with Iranian waters and Indian waters each side.

    Pakistan Navy has quite good submarine fleet comprising AIP powered Agosta 70 and 90 B Class, Pakistan Navy operates five modern submarines, they also capable to fire Excocet anti shipping cruise missile, Those submarines gives under water protection to any threats posed by Submerged and Surface vessels.

    Pakistan also plans to buy eight Chinese S 20 class submarines, which also powered by diesel electric and propelled by AIP. Pakistan also has plans to customize last two of the S 20 in Pakistan by adding ballistic missile launch techniques.  By looking, Pakistan have better plans for safe guarding their waters from underwater threats. Due to smaller coastal line, Pakistan has very few strategic locations to hide their submarines,

    Foreign Navy's along with their satellites can easily track Pakistani submarines at any time, Pakistan have only two Naval bases who can accommodate those Submarines, One is situated in Karachi and another is Ormara. So it's very easy to keep watching those Naval bases 24x7 to track almost all Pakistani Submarines.

   On the other side, Pakistan Navy's surface fleet has no future, except some cutters and missile boats, Pakistan's primary anti shipping cruise missile is the Chinese made YJ 8 cruise missile, and the major warships like ex US and UK Frigates in service with Pakistan navy has older generation Harpoon missiles.

    Pakistan also have a dedicated fighter squadron for maritime purpose, Two squadron of JF 17 has been configured to carry C 802 anti shipping missile, Pakistan also has seven P 3 anti submarine aircraft's who can also delivers Harpoon missiles.

    Attacking Pakistani Naval ship is very easy job for the Indian Navy's naval air arm and the Surface ships. Almost all the Indian front line Naval ships has long range air defense umbrella to protect the vessel from broad range of threats, Indian Ships also have better sensor and processing system, Those new Kolkata class ships has AESA multi purpose radars for long range target detection and act as a fire control radar too.

  Pakistan has only one Naval frigate who has a long range surface to air missile, that's the Ex US Navy Oliver perry class frigate dubbed as PNS Alamgir. The arm launched SM 1 MR missile has a interception range of more than 60 kilometers. The Ship also has Harpoon missiles too. PNS Alamgir is the only ship in Pakistan Navy who poses  deterrence against India.

    Pakistan has no clear path to build a major warship in his house, Because the west or America won't give the much sophisticated sensor and processing systems to Pakistan, However they get full support from China and Russia, Pakistan also has options to get new warships from Russia and China, The cost only matters, That's why Pakistan builds and buys only small craft's like Missile boats and corvette's.   
    However Almost all Indian Navy's Anti shipping missiles  better in terms of reliablity and performance also have far strike range capability, from American Harpoons, French Exocet, Russian Kh 35 and the Indian Brahmos all have stand off capability, If Indian Navy launched a barrage of supersonic and subsonic cruise missile against the Pakistani ship there is no way to survive against the attack.

    Indian Navy has the prime target that's the Pakistani Navy, In all war against Pakistan, Indian Navy didn't shown any mercy to Pakistan, If Indian Navy gets order of free hand, Pakistani Navy can be destroyed in matter of days. During the 1971 war The Indian Navy scored more than 2000 enemy kills which include sinking of two major warships, one submarine and eleven other vessels. As the economic blockade Navy sinks 18 major cargo or communication ships.

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