Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wake up call, Chinese FOB in Woody Island

Wake up call, Chinese FOB in Woody Island

The Chinese fortified his stand in south china sea with powerful air defense missiles and long range surveillance radars. making the artificial island into a pure forward operating base against south Asian nations and USA. This fortification allows the Chinese to fight against his rival enemy USA and pacific nations off from Chinese mainland.

Recently pictures captured by western satellites confirmed deployment of S 300 clone HQ 9 in woody Island, this artificial island act as a military forward operating base and the fiery cross reef artificial island act as a air base which can operate heavy weight military cargo planes and fighter jets, China demonstrated such capability last year. 

As predicted earlier, China starts fortifying the island with modern air defense systems. the HQ 9 can engage targets upto some 200 kilometers, who also tracks 100 targets simultaneously and guide four missiles. So it's hard to conduct a free flight over the Island. Earlier US air force flown a pair of B 52 bombers over the island to show the free flight of international air space.

US Navy also repeatedly send it's missile destroyers within the territorial waters of artificial island, China reacted by sending fighter jets and a naval frigates to confront. However US didn't deviated his sail path and continued his sail close to the artificial island.

 India and other pacific nations also dispatched their naval ships to patrol the south china sea, however they never tried to enter the territorial water of artificial island, due to the harsh Chinese warning of provocation.

Last month, India and USA agrees to conduct a joint patrol in south china sea to show off force against China. However the plans are not drafted, and still on consideration. which is also be a part of UN regulation of freedom of patrol in international seas. 

As per current scenario, The Chinese Navy can destroy any incoming missiles  who targets the artificial island. Currently China deployed one regiment of HQ 9 comprising eight launch units. This also poses a serious threat to the US Navy's P 8 who routinely conducting surveillance flight over the Artificial Island.

Deployment of large number of high frequency radar's in the artificial island also gives China to track military targets from Malacca straight to entire south china sea, the zone where quarter of the world's trade shipping from east to south. Any misadventures against China would pose a serious threat to global economics too.

China slowly and steadily fortifies the islands with modern offensive and defensive system, which can allow the Chinese to face off against the US and other pacific navies. However it's clear, a coordinated attack by both USA, Japan and South Korea makes destruction of entire artificial island and stop the Chinese to advance into South China sea.

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