Wednesday, March 2, 2016

India ready to sign defense treaties with USA

India ready to sign defense treaties with USA

India almost drafted out the proposed defense cooperation with USA. to help India in case of war with it's enemies like China and Pakistan. Agreements like communication, logistics support and information exchange will be signed during the Indian prime minister's visit to US in this month and follow on agreements will be signed during US defense secretary visit to India in April.

India looks the Tibetan issue and border disputes very seriously. The Tibetan issue alone united India and USA at that time. During the initial wave of attack, the Chinese over run Indian outpost in Aksai Shin, Kashmir and attacks eastern borders, The Nehru administration approached the US and England to help the Indian forces.

Both agreed to assist the Indian forces, US carried out more than twenty sorties of aid each day for the first twenty days during the first wave of offensive from China. US used American Boeing 707 to deliver small arms and ammunition from bases across Thailand and Philippines,  the air drop further assisted by USAF C 130 and DC 3 which delivered supply and ammunition close to the outposts.

During the initial days of the war, India didn't inform the post war briefings with the Americans nor any other allies, However once the supply routes are opened, US ambassador Galbraith and his official's are allowed to be join the post war briefings, the briefings are headed by PM Nehru and Defense minister Menon. after the American and English supply route, India plans to recapture the lost lands to the Chinese during the first wave of offensive.

The Indian counter attack also outnumbered by the Chinese, more than that Chinese moved close to Sikkim in east and Leh in north. this forces Nehru to ask more support from US and it's allies like Canada and Europe, Nehru wrote letter's to US and UK asking twelve squadron of fighter jets and two squadron of Bombers, along with US ground forces and modern radar's.

US Intelligence assessed that Indian counter attacks are foiled by Chinese, and sends a US Senator mission to India which is led by Harrison. Who will assist Indian counter attack, and also analyses what weapons should India needs, Once the Chinese identified the US mission India, they stopped the attack and moved from the captured lands in eastern borders, however holds the Aksai shin.

During that time India and US has only one common interest that's the Tibet. Nowadays both India and USA shares many relationship, signing the above said agreements with US allows US forces operates freely in India, also US assist Indian logistics supply, as once CAG reported about 20 days of war reserve will automatically roses into unlimited, with the help of LSA agreement.

LSA- Logistics and Support Agreement is one of the most needed agreement, which allows US and India mutually support each other during the war and peace times, by allowing shipment of weapon supply, allowing US forces to operate from Indian bases, providing assist to US forces in Indian sub continent, same like US also support Indian moves along Indian subcontinent and all over the world, either military or civil purpose. 

CISMOA- Communication Interoperability  and security memorandum of agreement, This allows both nation can exchange communication and intelligence details along with each other, India already signed a agreement on US for counter terrorism related communication and intelligence agreement after the 26/11, Which gives India get a chance to work together with the US and European intelligence. who having most number of credible intelligence about terrorism.

With the CISMOA India may get credible information from US and Pacific nations like South Korea and Japan regarding the Chinese theater.  The countries who working against China, holding more intelligence information than India.

BECA- Basic Exchange and Cooperation agreement, BECA allows India to buy and make military hardware's in India with transfer of technology. India already signed DTTI treaty with USA, the defense technology trade allows India and US work more closer on military hardware's. and BECA is a successor of DTTI. which also allows seamless communication between US and Indian military units.

Once the above said agreements are signed, It's clear if China tries to attack India, US will directly involves in the war, and work with Indians to defeat the Chinese, The Chinese growing threat in Ladakh region, Tawang, and Andaman coast is more concerned, Like how the Chinese destroyed Indian outposts in Aksai shin and captured the land from India.

 It's clear if China tries to attack India, It would hurt China more badly than ever. unlike what India planned in 1962, with a failed counter attack.

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