Thursday, March 10, 2016

Israel preparing for a offensive in Lebanon

Israel preparing for an offensive in Lebanon

   Israel makes it clear that any violation of arms proliferation in Hezbollah would end up with war. Earlier Israeli military intelligence analyzed about the possible shipment of the advanced surface to air missile system Pantsir S1 and the P 800 Yakhnot anti-shipping missile to the Hezbollah terrorists from Syria. Russians also confirmed about the loss of one P 800 system in Syria.

Hezbollah is a banned terrorist organization who get active support in Lebanon and also from Iran. However due to the Israeli superiority in the region for past couple of years, there is no bigger terrorist attack was staged against Israel by the Hezbollah.

Earlier last year, Hezbollah used an anti-tank missile to destroy an Israeli border patrol vehicle humvee, where the attacks kill two Israeli soldiers and injuring another 15 soldiers. Israel replied the attack with heavy artillery and Apache gunships.

Israel and Hezbollah engaged in several wars earlier, Almost all wars Israel proved that they have an upper hand against them. and Hezbollah also labeled as a terrorist organization by most western nations and Americans. and weeks ago the Arab nation councils also labels Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. that's a major setback for them. Nations like Russia, Iran are among them who keeps Hezbollah with arms and economic support.

Hezbollah involved in the war against ISIS. where the Shia-Sunni battles in Iraq and Syria. Hezbollah armed by the Iran and Russia to fight against ISIS and other Sunni terrorists in the middle east. However, they fight less in the war and smuggle the supplied arms into their strongholds to keep their stockpiles fill for the next major war against Israel.

Israel closely watching the Hezbollah presence in the ISIS conflict, where they get arms training and weapon support by the Iranians and pro-Assad forces. Earlier last year, Israel attacked a Hezbollah training center in Lebanon that they were assembling an older Russian-made surface to air missiles SA 2, who can target any flying objects below 60,000 feet. A threat to the Israeli civil airliners.

During the initial days of Syrian civil war, there were many reports of Israeli airstrike inside Syria, All those air strikes are targeted the alleged Hezbollah arms transportation. Those strikes are well advanced before the terrorists managed to put them in operational.

Days ago Israel confirmed, Hezbollah successfully smuggled a modern highly mobile SA 22 QR-SAM into Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon territory. However, Israel failed to trace the SAM battery after it was reached in Lebanon. It's believed that the system somewhere close to the Israeli-Lebanon border.

There is another report also leaked, that they also managed to smuggle some of the Syrian coastal missile batteries based on the Yakhnot, It's based on the Brahmos supersonic missile. The Barak 8 with India intended to develop to counter the Yakhnot and other supersonic anti-shipping missiles. Both of these reports were confirmed by the Russians.

Once Israel identifies the location of those smuggled weapons, They will launch air strikes against those positions. If they didn't, Israel will launch a massive ground offensive in coming days. Same as how they did in early 2006.

GCC nations, get some advanced warnings from the Israeli's, about the invasion, That they asked it's citizens living in Lebanon get back to their respective nations for some security reasons. All those indicates the middle east once again in the spring.

Hezbollah is same like JeM, LeT who attacks India with the support from the Pakistani government. Hezbollah gets support from Iran and Lebanon to attack Israel. Here India always goes for defensive, where Israel always prefer offensive. Another lesson from Israel to Indian lawmakers.

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