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Parrikar hints to invest huge amount in S 400 SAM

Parrikar hints to invest huge amount in S 400 SAM

   Defense minister Parrikar said in an interview with economic times, to save money we are planned to cut the medium range SAM procurement to buy more units of S 400 long range surface to air missile system. He also said deploying the S 400 close to Pakistani border will force the PAF to operate fighter jets from Afghan, saying with slight overconfidence.

Parrikar says this move will save more than $7 billion which are slated to spend for lower range surface to air missile systems. that he failed to study the operational differences between long range and medium range systems. Since air defense networks coupled in a layered manner who interconnected with civil and military surveillance radars.

Russia connects the FGFA contract with S 400, which makes some serious troubles in the IAF, who already invested funds in the Indo-Israeli joint project Barak 8. The missile is lesser in range, however, increased performance compared to the Russian S 400 system. IAF freezes the FGFA contract and the S 400 contract due to some issues in the PAK FA's performance.

The layered defense comes with, AAA batteries, such as 23mm and L 70 anti-aircraft artillery's, Quick reaction short range missiles like SpyDer, medium range SAM missiles like Akash, at last, the Barak 8 long range SAM, with additional deployment of homemade AAD, PDV for ballistic missile defense.

The above is layered defense system proposed by both air force and the army, who already operates the above-mentioned systems, except the Braak 8 and the BMD system. The Russian offer of S 400 increases the layer number and also expand the layer's cover zone from initial 80 kilometers into whooping 350 kilometers.

What defense minister saying is, removing few short, medium, long range missiles can save more money when they get covered by the bigger S 400 batteries. failing to understand the tactics used by fighter jets such as low flying, using decoy's, ECCM suites, jamming and more. Long range batteries can be spotted easily by the satellites because of its size, Since both S 400 and Barak 8 is highly mobile, they survive from such precision strikes by cruise missiles.

The defense minister failed to understand the another Russian tactics, using Indian money in every defense projects, Brahmos is absolutely a better platform, however, the clones of P 800 are widely used by other navy's. Even so, Brahmos meant to be 50-50 joint venture, Still India imports 65% of its components from Russia, The reason why production cost of Brahmos is very high and the reason behind the very low number of Brahmos stocks in arsenals.

What Russia planning is the same, By forcing the Indians keep on the S 400 and sacrifice Indigenous efforts to build such long-range missiles, where most of the S 400 equipment's could be outsourced, and it's very rare option of transfer of technology and making S 400 in India with more than 50% of sub-components.

Another question is the slow death of desi ballistic missile defense program, India has a good project for BMD mission, who comes in PDV, AAD in the first phase who is in the final phase of testing now, and AD 1 and AD 2 as the second phase for very long range protection. the BMD scheduled to be deployed before 2014, However the program slowly moving away from the revised timeline.

There is no idea what stopping the DRDO to deploy the BMD system. The 8th successful test of BMD conducted in November last year, deploying the S 400 will surely kill or slower down the desi BMD program. earlier some reports suggested that India went to Russia for the S 400 because of the seeker issues in the BMD missiles.

Reports circulated in the media, that defense minister said, deploying an S 400 launcher unit close to the border will force the Pakistani air force to ground all the fighter's or to be operated from Afghan only. It's clear the Range of S 400 may cover entire Pakistan, Question is can the S 400 take down every military airborne target flying in Pakistan If S 400 deployed close to the border.

Defense minister must acknowledge that China will deploy those S 400 close to Lhasa and in Tibet, which covers northern and eastern India, which includes capital New Delhi. the question repeats, can the Chinese S 400 stops the IAF jets operating from New Delhi and Arunachal.

On the other side, Indo-Israeli joint project Barak 8 almost ready to be operational, and both of them currently working on the land based Barak 8 launchers, even before the pre-production 40% of the Barak 8 components are from India, the % of Indian sub-components will increase in coming years. who decreases the acquisition costs gradually.

As of now all plans are in talks, same like the previous government, This deal to take the time to materialize.

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