Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The need of fire power in Border

The need of fire power in Border

    Last week, media reports that there is a security breach in border, that nearly ten Pakistani terrorists entered India, Intelligence Bureau issued the warnings to border states Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujrat to keep the state police vigil on the threat, day after the IB warnings, Pakistan also formally alerted India that there is an infiltration from  Pakistan.

Home ministry turns down the alert and deployed four NSG teams across the above-mentioned states, where they will safeguard public places and spiritual places like airports and famous Somnath temple. So far there was no trace found about the infiltrated terrorists.

It's something surprise that Pakistani NSA also alerted the Indian counterpart about the possible breach, there are many questions raised,

1. How does Pakistan know about the infiltration?

2. Why don't they stopped in advance?

3. what is the need for alerting the Indians?

India uses both the army and paramilitary units to safeguard the borders, and many of the border area's are fenced with barbed wires, Yet they were breaching the line and freely comes into India, It's clearly the Indian strategy fails, meantime Pakistan always gets success in this symmetrical warfare.

Moreover, Rann of Kutch border yet to be fenced, who still relies on border patrols. the border is in tough desert's. that one need lot of training before cross the rough weather desert's. Mainly BSF who guards the border goes patrols only at regular intervals. where they will check out for any damages in the fences, and possible evidence of human activity's and more.

The terrorists get good information's from Pakistani rangers who guarding the frontiers, about the Indian military activities, they give good supports to the terrorists to infiltrate the borders. The known facts debunked by many western analysts too.

So how do we counter them, In earlier days, there is cheap tactics used by the countries are anti-personnel mines. a low cost more effective way to guard the inaccessible borders, It's an easy job, that if anyone tries to walk away in the mine field, he must be a dead body. Due to some international treaties, may republic nations wouldn't use them. India also in the group of anti-personnel mine ban treaty.

There is another way, is using unmanned guard posts, Israel is the nation who uses it, Saudi also currently constructing such posts along the Iraqi-Saudi border. While India still using the older medieval age barbed wires, the bad idea already criticized by many defense analysts which include former army general's too. While they said India went defensive, which gives heavy casualties.

It's simple to breach the barbed wires, one or two men can easily breach those fences without leaving any pieces of evidence since it will not harm anyone who touching it. What a better idea from the early defense planners. They think the Pakistani's are just animals and those fences can easily stop them. they think it's like a zoo. fencing the zoo stops the animal escapes from the desired zone.

So the second option is using remote control weapon stations. and put a sign board along the Pakistani border " Welcome to India ". If anyone tries to enter the Indian lands the RWCS post can manage it. It's like " if you dare to enter you get some pills for free ". Earlier in last November that an army general said that, Troops under his command bordering the Indo-Pakistani border along Jammu and Kashmir gets home made RCWS posts.

It's a welcome decision, as he also stated that deployment will be started from December 2015, Even after three months later there is no information of that proposed deployment, which looks he didn't get proper authorization from the government. Automated weapons are configured as in an angle with thermal camera's to identify the body heat. No idea why the government still not authorizing it.

It's better to scrap the barbed wire plans and stop maintaining them, better use some RCWS post along the border, and Invite the Pakistani's to get some pills for long sleep.

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